Why Brokerchooser?

What our customers say

Alex Olti, management consultant

„I found the website to be extremely useful. I had wanted to open an investment account for a while but whenever I was searching online, Google only came up with American companies which require at least a green card, so I eventually gave up. The website is very easy to navigate, and makes it truly simple to compare the account offerings of different banks. Of course you could find a million different selection criteria for a bank account but this website does a great job at selecting and highlighting few truly relevant ones to make the choice simple for those that don't want to get into too much detail, however we can find further explanations in case we do want to dig deeper. I ended opening an account at one of the banks and the opening process was also just as described on the website. I can only recommend it: 5/5”

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Gergely Báthory, strategic director

„Brokerchooser helped me a lot in reviewing online service providers. A few months ago I decided to invest my savings in the stock market. I wanted to start with normal stocks and also was thinking about leveraged fx positions. At the beginning, I spent some serious time on gathering together information about broker accounts. My friends also recommended service providers they were using, but this made the picture more opaque. At this point Brokerchooser just came in my way and made the picture clear. Thank you guys.”

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Krisztián Fazekas, ALM expert

„I am trading on my own since 2010 and I am always curious if I can save some trading fees with another platform. Brokerchooser comparison table gave me a good overview of the different broker fees. I know trading cost is just one aspect and security is also very important, but I was absolutely convinced that Brokerchooser compares only the most secure players.”

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