What brokers will you find here?

We want to help you find the broker that best suits your needs. On BrokerChooser, you will find reviews of over 100 regulated brokers, including the world’s largest brokerages.

We only recommend legit brokers that are regulated by at least one top-tier regulator. Such a high-quality regulator keeps an eye on the broker and its operations, and watches out for clients’ interests. We know safety is a crucial aspect when choosing a brokerage. We want to save you from scam brokers, and give you the tools to spot them.

One thing is for sure:

You can’t run into scam brokers on BrokerChooser – we tell you if we don’t recommend a broker.

How can you tell if a broker is a top broker?

Even for experienced traders, it can be very challenging to decide if a brokerage is a trustworthy one or not. At BrokerChooser, we have a rule of thumb:

We only display brokerages that are regulated by at least one top-tier regulator, which is a great sign for safety, or we warn you if they are not. We also check if a broker is listed on a stock exchange, if it has a banking background, and how transparent they are – which are also important guarantees of a broker’s reliability.

What is a regulator and how can it be top-tier?

Regulatory authorities are established by governments or other organizations with the goal of overseeing the financial markets and the companies which take part in that market. They investigate fraud, fine wrongdoers, and protect consumers.

Top-tier regulators operate with a very strict and lengthy due diligence process which every broker has to go through. These requirements are basically impossible to meet if a broker is a shady provider.

A few examples of top-tier regulators