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Zsófia Belovai


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About Zsófia

Zsofi has been contributing to BrokerChooser as an intern since the summer of 2019. After a successful initial collaboration, she continues to work with the team remotely from London while she pursues her master's degree in behavioural science at LSE. She provides operative support and has content creation tasks.
I am always open for learning. Coming from a psychology background I found the world of investment daunting at first. However, BrokerChooser allowed me to gain an insight into the the finance industry, which opened up new perspectives for me. I am fascinated by the importance of accounting for human behaviour when thinking about the mechanisms behind markets.
Outside of working hours, Zsofi is an avid sports enthusiast, enjoying running, weight lifting and rock climbing. She is also a bookworm, a traveller, and a lover of overpriced artisan coffee.