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Tibor Mozsik

Digital PR Expert

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About Tibor

Tibor has 10 years of experience in marketing and communication; before that he was a business and IT journalist for 15 years. His aim is to build connections with journalists and influencers in order to promote BrokerChooser as a trustworthy source for traders and investors around the globe.
As a journalist, I always hated useless generic press releases, events and pitches, and welcomed those PR experts who really helped me to coin an interesting story. At BrokerChooser I feel I am in a comfortable situation, as our analysts generate a lot of unique content every day that can be a great source for not only traders, but also journalists and bloggers worldwide.
Tibor's main passion is collecting jazz, soul and world music records. He has a weekly radio show at a non-profit station that has been running for more than two decades, and occasionally spins records at bars, clubs and festivals.