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Tibor Bedő

Co-Founder / CEO

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About Tibor

Co-founder and CEO of BrokerChooser. Tibor believes that having a good broker should be everybody's privilege. He has extensive experience in the financial industry, he worked at investment bank Morgan Stanley and at top-tier management consulting firm The Boston Consulting Group.
Finding a service provider for my investments was a pain. When I asked simple questions, there were only super complicated answers. Or no answers at all. Can I open an account in Switzerland? Which broker is the cheapest? How secure is X broker? Information was scarce, complicated or misleading. I thought, this should clearly be an easier process. So, I started to put clarity into brokerage.
Away from the office, Tibor is a dedicated backpacker traveling on a shoestring. His favorite countries are Vanuatu, Namibia and New Zealand.

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