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Tekla Csike


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About Tekla

Tekla is an organizational psychologist who is very curious about people, and especially interested in the drivers and characteristics of working teams. She finds joy in educating people through writing, and at BrokerChooser she writes educational articles, aiming to make customers feel informed and cared for.
I strongly believe in the power of communication and interpersonal feedback. Having the possibility to practice these skills while working with an amazing team is a huge motivating factor for me. As a colleague, I aspire to be thorough and open-minded towards everyone, because I'm convinced we can learn a lot from each other.
Tekla is the daughter of nature. She's fond of forests and hiking. When feeling more sporty, she's into orienteering, running and sometimes climbing. She likes to explore the world hitchiking and backpacking, her main focus is meeting interesting people and new cultures.