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Tamás Pápai

Broker Analyst Intern

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About Tamás

Tamás is currently enrolled at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. His main field of interest is investing and trading, specifically forex trading. This is his first position in the financial field; previously, he worked in other parts of the field of economics. His goal is to help the company make easy-to-understand but in-depth educational content, and more importantly, develop the accuracy of the recommendations to users. BrokerChooser is an excellent place for him to apply his personal interest in trading at his job.
Investing and trading can seem complicated at first glance; my goal is to simplify this as much as possible and make it accessible to anybody willing to acquire the knowledge needed.
The stock market has always been a special field of interest for Tamás. He also enjoys music, making instrumentals, and he's an avid fan of video games, mostly sport-sims.