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Rebeka Pálmai

Digital PR Junior

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About Rebeka

Rebeka is finishing her last year in Corvinus University’s Bachelor program and looking for new challanges in the form of a Masters program. Previously, she was a middle manager responsible for the online image of an NGO, which prepares high school students for graduation. This work required a particularly high level of creativity, as the target audience had a very diverse range of interests. In addition, she was responsible for the marketing image of a food allergy store for several years.
I think life is really exciting when it is full of challenges. If we seize opportunities and step out of our comfort zone, we can constantly evolve. After all, our biggest investment in our lives is ourselves. That’s why I always try to face new challenges and try myself in as many areas as possible. At BrokerChooser, I seek to help our users succeed by supporting them in finding the best available service.
In her free time, Rebeka teaches history at an NGO that specializes in helping high school students pass their final exams and get into their dream universities. She was the head of the History department at this organization for one year and had the chance to organize the work of the department staff and build a motivated community.