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Petra Nagy

Junior Finance

#finance #mathematics #statistics


About Petra

Petra is a student at the University of Warwick, where she is completing her Integrated Masters degree. Her current studies involve mathematics, statistics and economics. Her desire for professional development won her a position as a finance intern at BrokerChooser, where she is responsible for monthly financial reports and page performance analysis.
On a professional level I love everything that has something to do with numbers, be it money or data-related. On a more personal level my dream workspace consists of friendly and motivated colleagues and an always changing and demanding environment. I am happy to say that BrokerChooser meets all the above expectations.
Petra is a big fan of water sports, long walks in nature and eating out. She also enjoys beating her friends at card games and table football. She would never say no to going out, especially when it involves good music and pleasant company.