Márton Belovai

Márton Belovai

Junior Partner Manager


About Márton

Márton is in his last year at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where he studies International Business. He is currently working remotely from the Netherlands as a part-time member of the monetization team. He's worked at InterSnack as a sales representative, gaining experience in partnerships management; he aspires to further develop these skills at BrokerChooser. Over the last few years, he's also become passionate about investing, a field he hopes to further explore through his position at BrokerChooser.

Over the last few years, I have become very passionate about investing. Trying to gain experience and improve in this field has been my primary objective. Being a begginer in this scene, I have a lot to learn, but I'm very enthusiastic about partner management, investing, cryptos, NFTs and so on. Given my position, I have plenty of opportunities to hone my skills and to become a professional in the coming years.

Marci loves spending time with his friends, both in person and through online games. Recently, he has started to nurture an interest in crypto, which has now become one of his main passions outside work.

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