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Kristóf Balog

Full-Stack Developer Intern

#intern #backend #php


About Kristóf

Kristóf is a hard-working newcomer to the world of software engineering. A studious BSc student in Szeged, he works as a remote intern at BrokerChooser, trying his best to make the most out of his opportunities as a trainee.
While I do not have a lot of experience working as a web developer yet, I always liked working with PHP, and after looking at their tech stack, became interested in working at BrokerChooser. My current goal is to learn and to become increasingly more proficient as a developer so that one day I can become a junior.
Kristóf enjoys biking and partaking in culinary arts in his free time. Recently, he has also been tinkering with various Linux-based operating systems. He also works out whenever his busy schedule allows.