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Judit dr. Kolozsi

Operations and legal

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About Judit

Judit is an experienced manager and a strong administrative professional. She holds a degree in law and formerly worked as a legal consultant. In 2011, she became a life - business coach and mediator and had a private clientele for several years. Her aim at BrokerChooser is to ensure the smooth operation of the company and to support the team in legal tasks.
My role as an operations manager is to ensure the smooth running of the company and the well-being of the team. My goal is to provide a happy and motivating work environment so that everyone can focus on professional work and feel well. As a lawyer, I also provide legal advice on contractual matters.
Judit loves spending time with her sons and family. She likes sports, especially kick-box aerobics, kangoo, and running. She is the daughter of the sun and loves all beach related activities. She is interested in lifecoaching and in people in general.