Imre Szalai

Imre Szalai

Tech Lead

#backend-developer #architect #cleancoder #carenthusiast

About Imre

Imre, or Szimre as his colleagues affectionately call him, is working hard on improving and maintaining the BrokerChooser software, workflow and IT infrastructure.

I love those special moments at the end of a day when I can look at my code and feel as if looking at a magnificent piece of art. My mission is to have more of these moments, and to build an architecture and framework where we can all indulge in the joys and challenges of software development not held down by legacy systems and tech debt.

Imre likes to spend time working on his cars and taking them on road trips and spirited drives along winding roads across the country. He also likes to play PC games and fiddle about with new IT ideas and personal projects in his free time.

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