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Gergely Korpos

Co-Founder / CPO

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About Gergely

Gergely is the co-founder and CPO of BrokerChooser. His aim is to make personal investing crystal clear for everybody. Gergely has 10 years of experience in the financial markets. He has concluded thousands of trades as a commodity trader and equity portfolio manager.
I invest 100% of my savings in the capital markets, so I put great emphasis on who my service provider is. The idea for BrokerChooser came when I was trying to find a cheap but reliable online broker. Even though I have extensive experience in brokerage, I got completely lost in the unstructured data dump. At this point, I sat down and compiled a comparison table for a few providers. That's how it all started.
When not in the office, Gergely is searching for new adventures. His favorite pastimes are climbing and traveling to exotic countries

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