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Eszter Zalán

Content Editor

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About Eszter

Eszter is a Brussels-based content editor and writer with more than fifteen years of experience in journalism. She thrives in researching complicated issues and explaining their essence in plain and clear language to guide people through the world of finance.
I've always loved shedding light on complex issues and making them easy to understand for everyone. Cutting through the clutter is my reflex. That integrity and no-nonsense style is also at the core of how BrokerChooser communicates to its users and partners and how we communicate as a team. I thoroughly enjoy creating and fine-tuning content that hopefully creates a connection with the reader.
Eszter is a big walker, whether it is discovering urban landscapes or hiking in Belgium’s Ardennes mountains. As a news junkie, she likes to read and learn about current affairs. Eszter is also enthusiastic about meeting new people whose different perspectives fascinate her. She also enjoys taking portraits with her various vintage analogue cameras.