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Enikő Gurdán

Junior Product Manager

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About Enikő

Encsi is currently enrolled at Corvinus University of Budapest, in the Department of International Business and Economics. Her aim at BrokerChooser is to provide potential users with a smooth navigating experience to find the most suitable broker. She also supports BC's development with customer feedbacks, ensuring a path to improvement that is beneficial for both the company and customers.
Why create a service for customers if you don't ask their opinion? My goal is to help potential investors voice their thoughts about our core product and provide a smooth journey to them to find their broker.
Encsi has four Fs to describe her spare time activities. Friends since she is part of different student organisations and spends a lot of time with her 'Budapest family', Feet as she is a passionate dancer and runner, Family because hers is the best and Fun: her favourite hobby is laughing.