Dorottya Iványi

Dorottya Iványi

Marketing Junior

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About Dorottya

Dorottya is currently completing her Psychology BSc at the University of York. Previously, she worked in the HR sector as a research assistant and is now seeking new challenges at BrokerChooser.

I love trying myself out in many things; change and growth are increadibly important to me. BrokerChooser is just as dynamic as I am, and there's not a single boring minute here. As a psychology student, it is imporant for me to help people through my work. I believe that in today's money-centered world, it is important for people to know how to invest their money safely based on their personal needs. This is how BrokerChooser's goal matches my own.

In her free time, Dorottya is an eager practitioner of culinary arts, to the delight of her family and friends. She loves picking up new hobbies and learning new things, but above all, she loves going out with her friends to nice bars and parties.