Dóra Nagy

Dóra Nagy

Product Owner

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About Dóra

Dora got connected with BrokerChooser through capstone project work at CEU. As a master's student of the Technology Management and Innovation Program, the project was about Trading APIs provided by brokers. Thus, laying solid ground with the IT team was pretty easy for her. BrokerChooser takes advantage of her 10 years of Project Management experience, be it IT or content-related topics.

I like the concept of bridges and interpretations. In my opinion they are quite similar. Helping two areas come closer together or making them understand each other on a higher level, that is what bridges and interpretors for. Being a PM for me means ensuring transparent trackabilty to all stakeholders; what is expected and how we will proceed. On the other hand, I would like to ensure that at the end of the day a consensus decision is made and we all move in the same direction.

Dora is a bit like Dora the explorer from the French cartoon. Weekday mornings she holds sightjogging experiences for international visitors. On weekends she tries to visit and explore off the beaten path in nature, and city break in Budapest or other European cities.

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