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Botond Csépán

Full-Stack Developer Intern

#it #computer-science #frontend #backend

About Botond

Botond is completing his studies at Eötvös Loránd University, where he is enrolled in the Computer Science BSc program. He has had only two previous workplaces, but there (and during his studies) he acquired skills and technical knowledge that he can utilize to contribute to BrokerChooser.
Software development is continuous puzzle-solving and requires immense creativity, which makes it exciting, albeit challenging. I really enjoy the process of creating something that didn't exist before. The fact that a project is aimed at helping a wide audience and making their lives easier is also something that fuels my enthusiasm. Here at BrokerChooser, both of these traits are present.
Botond has been playing the violin for over a decade, and he is also a member of the St. Stephen Youth Symphonic Orchestra. For his passion for music, he likes to attend concerts of various genres. He has some experience as an amateur stage actor, and if he has the chance, he works in the film industry as an extra. He is an occasional backpacker and also has a keen interest in natural sciences and everything vintage, from clothes to stationery.