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Bence András Rózsa

Broker Analyst

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About Bence

The first opportunity for Bence to work with BrokerChooser came in June 2019. He has a Master's degree in international economics, but that doesn't stop him from doing work in multiple fields. He's been teaching history and managing the history department of a non-profit organization for almost 5 years now, dedicated to helping high school students.
I think learning is a never-ending process. When I was in high school, we used to compete with virtual accounts in the capital markets. After a brief break, this world slowly opened up to me again during my years at university. Stacking skills is one thing, but understanding the logic and motivation behind a market, an industry or even a hobby will always be my purpose.
If he has some time off, he loves to make music, whether it be classical or progressive — for the most part, only with stringed instruments.

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