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Balázs Szládek


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About Balázs

Balázs is a proofreader at BrokerChooser. With a background in American Studies and Political Science, he's been crafting English text for a living for 20+ years; first as a full-time business journalist and editor, and later as a freelance political analyst, journalist, researcher, copy editor and translator.
Wearing my proofreader hat at BrokerChooser, my task is to ensure that no errors, however tiny, distract you as you explore the world of financial markets. More importantly, my goal is to come up with just the right words and expressions that allow the expertise of our analyst team to shine through; and to help create content that is clear and accessible, both for seasoned traders and for those just starting their investment journey.
Balázs is an avid traveler; his favorite regions are Southeast Asia and countries of the former Soviet Union. He enjoys watching (and, tentatively, playing) tennis, and also loves hiking and running.