Balázs Szládek

Balázs Szládek

Editor, Financial Journalist

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About Balázs

Balázs has worked as an editor since the turn of the millennium, using his English-language skills and his passion for writing to break down complex topics and explain them to a wide range of international audiences. In addition to BrokerChooser, he is also currently contributing text and analysis to various publications of S&P Global and the Economist Intelligence Unit, on subjects ranging from economic policy and politics to energy industry news. Since joining BrokerChooser in 2019, Balázs has played an integral role in overhauling the style and language of the site’s content, while also adding his own writing. He has also tried his hand at CFD and stock trading, so that he can better understand the challenges faced by investors and traders turning to BrokerChooser for information. Before his freelance career, Balázs worked as a journalist and later as chief editor at the Budapest bureau of the Interfax news agency for almost a decade. Besides filing thousands of articles on macroeconomics, politics, and company news in the energy, plastics and pharma sectors, he also copy-edited and fact-checked his colleagues’ work covering the banking, finance, telecom and manufacturing industries. Balázs holds MA degrees in American Studies and Political Science from Budapest’s Eötvös Loránd University.

Wearing my editor hat at BrokerChooser, my task is to ensure that no errors, however tiny, distract you as you explore the world of financial markets. Just as importantly, my goal is to come up with just the right words and expressions that allow the expertise of our analyst team to shine through; and to write content that is clear and accessible, both for seasoned traders and for those just starting their investment journey.

Balázs is an avid traveler; his favorite regions are Southeast Asia and countries of the former Soviet Union. He enjoys hiking, running, watching (and, tentatively, playing) tennis, and strumming his guitar along with his favorite indie rock tunes.

Area of Expertise

  • Journalism and editing
  • Long-term investment
  • Economic policy
  • CFD trading

My brokers

  • Trading 212


  • Master's degree in American Studies at ELTE University in Budapest
  • Master's degree in Political Science at ELTE University in Budapest

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