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Attila Szűts

Data Scientist Intern

#business-intelligence #data-science #machine-learning #psychology

About Attila

Attila is a student at Central European University in Budapest, currently enrolled in a Business Analytics masters program. He is completing his internship at Brokerchooser. His interest in data science stems from working at a research lab for three years while doing his undergrad studies where he learned programming and statistics as well as research methodology. He is eager to support Brokerchooser's business decisions with insights from data analysis.
In our age of data abundance one would think that making decisions has never been easier. However, a bigger amount of information doesn't necessarily translates into a better signal-to-noise ratio. My mission is to help business leaders make better decisions by finding valuable insights in the flow of information.
Outside of work, Attila enjoys working in his family's coffee shop and playing boardgames with his friends.