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Is Motilal Oswal Securities safe?

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Motilal Oswal Securities might offer some great investment opportunities, and you may have seen people recommending them in forums, chat groups, and on social media. No matter how you came across Motilal Oswal Securities, you should know for sure whether it is a secure and legit broker before you trust it with your money.

You can rest assured that Motilal Oswal Securities is not a scam but a legitimate entity. This broker is registered with the top-tier Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in India..

Why I recommend Motilal Oswal Securities as a trusted broker
Adam Nasli
Regulation • Fighting Scams • Market Analysis

As a brokerage analyst, I help many people to check the safety of brokers recomended in forums, emails and other platforms. I use data and warning lists published by regulators worldwide to see whether a brokerage is a legit entity. These are my key findings on Motilal Oswal Securities:

  • Motilal Oswal Securities is a trusted broker because it has top-tier regulation.
  • Data on Motilal Oswal Securities comes from regulatory sources and is checked by our legal experts.
  • Motilal Oswal Securities's clients have access to existing investor protection programs.
  • We only assessed the safety of Motilal Oswal Securities, not its entire service profile. But we reviewed 100+ other trusted brokers in detail by opening real accounts with them.

Motilal Oswal Securities is a trusted broker under top-tier regulation

Top-tier regulation refers to a broker being supervised by a very strict national regulator. This is crucial for determining whether a broker is reliable. Although BrokerChooser has not yet reviewed the services of Motilal Oswal Securities in detail, we checked its safety profile.

Motilal Oswal Securities regulatory info: This broker is registered with the top-tier Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in India..

Our experts compiled a list of some of the most reputable top-tier financial regulators in the following table. We regard brokers supervised by these authorities as trustworthy entities.

Top-tier financial regulators worldwide
Name of regulator Country of operation
SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) United States
FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) United Kingdom
BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) Germany
ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) Australia
FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) Switzerland

Think of top-tier regulatory oversight like the security system in a bank. Just as a bank's top-notch security protects your money, top-tier regulators ensure that brokers adhere to the strictest standards, offering you a shield of protection.

With a broker that has top-tier regulation, you can trust that your trades are conducted transparently and ethically, thanks to the stringent rules it must follow. The broker is constantly under the watchful eye of these regulators, reducing the chances of any funny business. One key requirement from these regulators is that brokers must segregate client funds from operational funds. This means your funds are safe and can be returned to you even if the broker goes belly up.

And if you ever run into any issues or conflicts with your broker, top-tier regulation gives you a reliable way to seek resolution through the regulatory body.

If you trade with Motilal Oswal Securities, your money is safe from scams.

Regulation alone does not guarantee fair play. Keep in mind that not all regulatory bodies are created equal. Top-tier regulators generally enforce stricter standards, making brokers under their supervision more reliable. On the other hand, lower-level regulatory authorities might not be as effective at weeding out fraudulent brokers.

Motilal Oswal Securities data you can trust

BrokerChooser's brokerage experts track more than 30,000 brokers for safety info and regularly monitor nearly a dozen warning lists published by regulators worldwide to update and expand our brokerage database. Being traders ourselves, we meticulously analyze over 100 brokers using real money, which grants us the expertise to evaluate the safety credentials of any given broker.

Our data on Motilal Oswal Securities was:

  • collected from regulatory databases
  • last updated on June 13, 2024
  • reviewed by our legal team.
Warning: Be alert to clone websites impersonating trusted brokers such as Motilal Oswal Securities. These fraudulent sites bear a very close resemblance to the actual website of a broker but they are scams. Avoid using links from forums or unverified sources and double-check the URL before making any deposits. To be on the safe side, use this link https://www.motilaloswal.com/ tested by BrokerChooser.

Our team of analysts uses a combination of advanced scraping techniques and manual checks to keep our brokerage database up to date and separate trustworthy brokers from the untrustworthy ones. We also stay relevant by adding info about fraudulent brokers reported by users, ensuring accuracy through our own thorough analysis.

To further broaden the scope of our monitoring, we constantly evaluate and identify the brokerage firms that get the most online searches. After assessing these firms, we add them to our database.

Motilal Oswal Securities's clients have access to existing investor protection schemes

The majority of top-tier regulators operate in countries that have investor protection funds, also known as investor compensation schemes. These funds protect your securities and cash in brokerage accounts.

If your broker goes bankrupt, these funds are used to reimburse you for any lost assets.

If Motilal Oswal Securities is part of an investor protection fund, you’re automatically covered, no matter where you live or what your citizenship is.

We did not assess Motilal Oswal Securities beyond safety but we reviewed 100+ trusted brokers

We put Motilal Oswal Securities under the microscope to make sure it is a legit entity that you can trust, however, we did not test its services. The BrokerChooser team conducts extensive evaluations of more than 100 brokers globally, focusing on critical factors such as regulation, financial stability, customer service quality and transparency of operations.

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