Find the best brokers that match your investment goals

Select your investment goal and time horizon, and we'll show you the best brokers where you can trade the assets that most align with your plans. We selected investment options based on our expertise, but keep in mind that these are just examples of popular choices among investors with similar goals, and do not constitute personalized investment advice. Remember to always do your own research before making any investment decisions!

What is your investment goal?

Ensure that your money does not lose its value over time due to rising prices.
Protection against inflation
Generate regular income from investments that require little or no active involvement from you.
Passive income
Generate profits by buying and selling securities frequently, often within short periods of time.
Gains from active trading
Accumulate a significant amount of money over time to buy a high-value item such as a house, a car, or a tropical vacation.
High-value purchase
Grow your savings over time to accumulate sufficient funds to support your lifestyle during retirement.
Save for retirement
Increase your savings over time to have a reserve of funds to provide financial stability, and that you can use e.g. to cover unexpected expenses.
Long-term savings