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TradingView is one of the best and most popular charting tools, used by beginners and professionals alike. It is a user-friendly online platform designed to help traders of all levels analyze financial markets effectively. With real-time data, customizable charts, and a vibrant user community, it's your one-stop destination for making smarter financial decisions.

In this article, we'll break down what TradingView is, why it's essential for traders, and present its key features and tools. Whether you're a novice or an expert, TradingView has something to offer everyone. Let's explore this innovative platform and unlock its potential for your financial journey.


  • TradingView offers unparalleled charting capabilities.
  • The TradingView platform has a vast array of tools for technical and fundamental analysis.
  • TradingView offers an astoundingly wide variety of assets.
  • You can also connect your brokerage account to TradingView and trade directly from its charts.

What is TradingView?

TradingView is a widely used online platform that provides advanced tools and superb charting for traders and investors. The platform stands out for its intuitive interface, extensive charting capabilities, and vibrant community of traders.

At its core, TradingView allows users to access real-time and historical price data for various financial instruments, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities. Almost all financial assets are available on the platform.

Users can create interactive charts with a vast array of technical indicators, drawing tools, and charting styles to analyze market trends and patterns. The platform's highly customizable interface empowers traders to tailor their charts to suit their unique trading strategies.

Most of the custom-made indicators are available to platform users either free of charge or for a certain fee. Read in more detail about what is included in TradingView's free plan and the subscription packages.

Key TradingView features and tools

In addition to a vast range of technical analysis indicators, drawing tools, and customizable charts, TradingView offers other tools to help traders make informed decisions.

TradingView at a glance
Feature Description
Stock screener Comprehensive and customizable overview of stock performance and tons of details
Forex screener Comprehensive and customizable overview of major, minor and exotic currency pairs
Crypto pairs screener Comprehensive and customizable overview of crypto pairs with tons of data
Crypto coins screener Comprehensive and customizable overview of crypto coins with tons of data
Stock heat map Visually appealing map of best and worst performing stocks. The outlay is customizable.
Crypto heat map Visually appealing map of best and worst performing crypto coins. The outlay is customizable.
Sparks Dozens of curated watchlists to help with market research
Pine Script TradingView’s programming language that allows traders to create their own trading tools and run them on the company’s servers

Data updated on April 16, 2024

Paper trading at TradingView

TradingView offers paper trading, also known as simulated trading. This is a great feature to test your trading skills, your strategy or practice how the platform works. You can set up paper trading just like you set up the TradingView connection for a real trading account.

Connecting your broker account to TradingView

A popular feature of TradingView is that you can connect it directly to your broker account. Once the connection is done, you can make trades on your broker account directly from the TradingView charts. In order to be able to connect your brokerage account, you will first need to open a TradingView account. This is free of charge. Once you have your TradingView account up and running you are ready to connect the two.

Not all brokers support a connection to TradingView, however. Check the list below to find out whether this option is available at your broker of choice.

A solution to traders of all levels

From novice to seasoned traders, everyone will find TradingView’s versatile platform useful.

An easy-to-use interface, educational resources, and an active community provide ample learning opportunities for beginners.

Advanced traders can use the platform's charting tools, technical indicators, and sophisticated analysis features to make more informed trade decisions.

TradingView is accessible through a web browser and also offers mobile applications for on-the-go analysis and trading.

The TradingView community

TradingView's collaborative nature is another notable feature. Traders can share their analyses, ideas, and charts with the community through the platform's social features.

This fosters a vibrant community of more than 50 million users who interact, exchange insights, and learn from each other. Additionally, users can follow and replicate the trading strategies of experienced traders by accessing their public profiles and trade ideas.

Check out the video stream for market insights, analysis, and strategies in real-time. The real-time chat function allows you to interact with other users in topic-specific rooms.

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