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How mutual funds can help you lower risk

My key findings in a nutshell
Gyula Lencsés, CFA
Stock Market Maestro | Stock Market • Investment • Market Analysis

I've thoroughly tested Charles Stanley Direct services with our analyst team by opening a real-money account and these are my most important findings:

  • Risk management is an important aspect of trading and investing
  • Mutual funds pick assets using a strict risk management policy, shielding you from risk
  • Mutual funds are available at Charles Stanley Direct

Are you worried that you'll pick the wrong stocks and put yourself at risk of losing money? Just do what you would do in other walks of life - leave it to a professional! In this case, consider investing in a mutual fund, where experienced fund managers invest in stocks and other assets while making sure your potential losses remain within limits.

How do mutual funds manage risk? First of all, they have a risk management policy that is strictly followed and communicated. For example, European mutual funds must be classified into one of seven riskiness categories (with 1 being the lowest and 7 being the highest risk) and publish this information via their so-called Key Investor Information Documents.

More importantly, each of these funds are actively managed by a fund manager; an actual person who continuously hand-picks assets for the fund - supported by a team of expert traders and analysts of course - to achieve the right risk-reward mix. This expertise doesn't come free, so make sure you buy mutual funds at brokers that don't charge too much in additional fees. Does Charles Stanley Direct offer the right selection of funds at reasonable cost? Read on to find out.

To find out more, read our in-depth guide to risk management, where we discuss various types of risks, as well as popular broker tools to handle them.

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Can you buy mutual funds at Charles Stanley Direct?

Yes, mutual funds are available at Charles Stanley Direct.

Is it worth buying mutual funds at Charles Stanley Direct?

Yes, Charles Stanley Direct is a good place to buy mutual funds, because costs are low.
Charles Stanley Direct main highlights
💰 Charles Stanley Direct Mutual fund trading fees class Low
💰 Charles Stanley Direct withdrawal fee $0
💰 Charles Stanley Direct minimum deposit $25
💰 Charles Stanley Direct inactivity fee No
📃 Charles Stanley Direct deposit methods Bank transfer, Credit/debit cards
🗺️ Country of regulation UK
🎮 Charles Stanley Direct demo account provided No

Data updated on January 26, 2024

At Charles Stanley Direct, there is a vast number of mutual funds to choose from. This provides the opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio more easily.

At BrokerChooser, we only publish objective analyses based on live testing. Every recommendation is unbiased and based on first-hand experience: we open a live account anonymously at each broker, deposit real money and test every important feature.

Check out this short video for a behind-the-scenes peek into how our experts personally test and evaluate brokers.

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Gyula Lencsés, CFA
Gyula Lencsés, CFA

Gyula is a former analyst expert and Head of Content at BrokerChooser. With over a decade in finance, he led content creation at BrokerChooser and personally evaluated some of our 100+ listed brokers. He opened real-money accounts, executed transactions, and engaged with customer services, offering firsthand assessments. Prior to BrokerChooser, he managed mutual funds in wealth management, trading stocks, ETFs, bonds, commodities, forex, and derivatives. His goal: simplify the hunt for top brokers in a dynamic investment landscape.

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