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Does Comdirect pay interest on uninvested cash as of February 2024?

If you have uninvested cash lying around on your brokerage account, you should make it work for you in a low-risk way instead of letting it lose value. Many brokers now offer meaningful interest on your idle cash.

Good news! Comdirect pays interest on your EUR uninvested cash. Its interest rates are above average compared to other brokers.

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My key points regarding cash interest at Comdirect
Tamás Gyuriczki
Trading Titan | Investment • Stock Market • Market Analysis

I have personal experience with dozens of global brokers and have taken a closer look at which pay interest on cash, and under what conditions. Here are my key insights regarding earning interest on cash at Comdirect:

  • Comdirect offers up to 3.8% interest on EUR uninvested funds.
  • This interest rate offering is above average compared to what other brokers pay on EUR.
  • Be aware that special conditions may apply, such as a minimum required balance.
  • Check the best brokers for cash interest to find brokers that offer the most attractive rates.
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Earn up to 3.8% on EUR at Comdirect

Earning interest on uninvested cash in a brokerage account is a useful, low-risk way to preserve the value of your money. However, there can be significant differences among brokers when it comes to interest: some don't pay anything, while some brokers pay higher rates than banks.

Comdirect pays interest on uninvested cash: you can earn up to 3.8% on EUR.

What are the benefits of getting interest on uninvested cash?

  • Earn additional money without active investing, preserving its value against inflation.
  • Keep cash easily accessible while generating returns.
  • By leaving idle cash on the account, you can save on potential withdrawal or conversion fees.
  • Offers a low-risk, hassle-free option compared to market investments.
  • Affords flexibility, providing time to plan investments without losing potential earnings.

While earning interest on your uninvested cash is great, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The advertised interest rate is annual, so you'll need to divide this by the number of months or days to understand your actual earnings. Interest is typically accumulated daily but paid monthly.
  • You may need to pay tax on the interest you earn. The tax typically depends on your country of residency, and is not deducted by the broker. It is your responsibility to report and pay the taxes.
  • In most cases, there's little reason to worry about safety when keeping cash in your broker account. In the EU, for example, holdings (including cash) are insured up to minimum €20,000.
  • Be on the lookout for any special conditions the broker may set in order to pay interest, such as a minimum balance requirement.
  • If you maintain a broker account solely for the purpose of earning interest on your cash, choose a broker that doesn't charge an inactivity fee or regular account fee.

Interest rates at Comdirect are above average

In order to have a verdict on how Comdirect stacks up against other brokers on the market with regard to interest rates on EUR uninvested cash, we looked at several factors:

  • What the interest rates are: naturally, the higher the better.
  • Are there any conditions? We took two cases: the maximum interest you can earn, and the interest you can earn on €10,000. Brokers that offer interest already on low amounts, without any conditions, got a better rating.

Based on these factors, we found that Comdirect's offering for interest on EUR uninvested cash is above average.

You can find the detailed data in the table below for EUR, as well as whether there is an inactivity fee.

Comdirect cash yield compared with main competitors
EUR maximum cash yield
3.8% 0.0% 0.0%
EUR cash yield in a €10k scenario
3.8% 0.0% 0.0%
Inactivity fee

Data updated on February 4, 2024

You can also check out cash interest rates and conditions at other brokers:

'Conditions may apply': check the fine print for receiving interest

The interest you can earn on uninvested cash in your brokerage account may vary depending on different factors, so you should always check the exact conditions that apply.

The most frequent factors that usually influence the rate you will get are account type, minimum balance requirements, and account size, for example.

Below you can find all the information we have on cash interest at Comdirect, straight from our Comdirect review:

Interest earned on uninvested cash

As of the time of the review, Comdirect provides the following interest rates on uninvested cash:

  • 3.8% for EUR

Find the best brokers for earning interest on your uninvested cash

Does your broker not offer any interest on idle cash? Or do you want to check whether its interest rates are competitive with the rest of the market?

Check our toplist of the best brokers for cash interest to find brokers with the most attractive rates.

Check out this short video for a behind-the-scenes peek into how our experts personally test and evaluate brokers.

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Trading Titan | Investment • Stock Market • Market Analysis

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