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Are analyst recommendations available at flatex as of January 2024?

Unlike most online brokers, flatex unfortunately doesn't have analyst recommendations, so you'll need to look elsewhere for specific trading ideas.

My key findings in a nutshell
Tamás Gyuriczki
Trading Titan | Investment • Stock Market • Market Analysis

I've thoroughly tested flatex services with our analyst team by opening a real-money account and these are my most important findings:

  • flatex doesn't provide trading recommendations by analysts
  • Analysts use company data, news or price trends to advise whether to buy/hold/sell an asset
  • Use other tools such as news feeds, charts or data to develop your own judgment
  • Try not to rely on a single recommendation if possible
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How trading recommendations work

Which stock should I buy? And is it a good time to buy it, or should I wait a bit more? These are probably the questions you'll ask most often as a long-term equity investor. Luckily, many brokers have experts on hand who will answer these questions in very precise terms, in the form of analyst recommendations or trading ideas.

So what does an analyst recommendation look like? These usually come in newsletters, or are posted on the trading platform or the broker's website; and they advise you to buy, hold, or sell a specific stock. Analysts often assign a target price to a stock over a specific time horizon - e.g. predicting that stock X will rise from the current $100 to $120 in the next 12 months.

Alternatively, analysts sometimes give an overweight or underweight recommendation for a stock, meaning the stock should have a bigger/smaller weight in your portfolio than it does in popular stock indices like the S&P 500.

The quality of analyst recommendations and other research tools such as news or charts can make a big difference in your trading comfort and confidence. flatex covers most of the basics, but not all of its research tools are equally user-friendly.

What are analyst recommendations based on? They can be based on fundamental analysis; that is, how the company is performing and what its future prospects are, including what's going on in its industry or the wider economy. There is also technical analysis, which looks at recent stock price movement patterns to predict which way the stock price may go in the short term.

As a long-term stock investor, you should probably focus on fundamental analysis to pick the right stock for you, although technical analysis may be helpful in picking the right entry point once you have settled on a promising stock.

Eager to seek out advice or improve your investment skills? Check out our overview of the most popular learning tools for long-term investors.

Other research tools at flatex

Since flatex doesn't offer analyst recommendations or trading ideas, you're left with the following tools to assist your investment decisions:

  • Fundamental data - find out about companies' business performance and valuation
  • News feed - stay on top of breaking news about stocks and the general economy
  • Charting - spot price patterns using various technical indicators

If you want a second opinion, or if stock recommendations aren't available at your broker, you can find sites that aggregate analyst opinions on a specific stock. For example, they would rate a stock 'buy' or 'strong buy' if a majority of analysts issued a buy recommendation recently.

Besides these, we encourage you to monitor business news sites, check out educational YouTube videos or attend free online courses to broaden your knowledge of the stock market or a specific stock.

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Tamás Gyuriczki

Trading Titan | Investment • Stock Market • Market Analysis

As a financial expert with BrokerChooser, I play an integral role in the analyst team by actively reviewing many of the 100+ brokers that are listed on our site. I personally open accounts with real money, execute trades, test customer services. My hope is that my first-hand experience with these brokers, incorporated in our reviews, helps users find the most suitable broker for their needs.

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