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Can I buy ETFs at EasyEquities as of January 2024?

Yes, you can buy ETFs at EasyEquities.

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About diversification and ETFs

If you worry about picking the wrong stock and losing money, there is a tried-and-tested strategy to reduce this risk: diversification. Diversification means buying as many different assets as you can, possibly across several asset types; so even if one of your investments performs badly, you won't lose that much overall.

If you're not up to picking hundreds of stocks or other assets by hand, then ETFs (exchange-traded funds) could be a good investment for you. ETFs are funds that invest in many different securities, often hundreds of them. If you buy a single ETF, what happens is you're basically investing in those underlying assets all at once. Think of it as the ETF provider doing all the diversification for you.

There are many types of ETFs; some focus on a specific sector, region or commodity, while others have much wider coverage. For more sophisticated diversification, you can even build a portfolio containing several ETFs. Many of the best brokers offer several hundred ETFs to choose from.

Is it worth buying ETFs at EasyEquities?

Yes, EasyEquities is a good place to buy ETFs, because of their low costs.
EasyEquities main highlights
💰 EasyEquities ETF trading fees class Low
📃 EasyEquities number of available ETFs 94
💰 EasyEquities withdrawal fee $0
💰 EasyEquities minimum deposit $0
💰 EasyEquities inactivity fee No
📃 EasyEquities deposit methods Bank transfer, Credit/debit cards
🗺️ Country of regulation South Africa, Australia
🎮 EasyEquities demo account provided Yes

Data updated on January 5, 2024

To learn more, read our comprehensive guide to portfolio diversification, including pros, cons and the most popular strategies.


Are ETFs a good investment?

ETFs are usually considered to be low-risk assets. Investing in ETFs can help in building a diversified portfolio.

Are ETFs good for beginners?

ETFs are usually considered to be low-risk assets. Investing in ETFs can help in building a diversified portfolio.

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