Long-term investment

There are many ways to approach financial markets. You can live for the moment, trying to outsmart the market and collect daily rewards. But if you have more serious goals, such as saving up for retirement, then long-term investment is probably the way to go. Long-term investment is usually defined as buying and holding assets for several years - anywhere between 5-7 to 30-40 years or even more.
Returns aren’t always spectacular - 10% per year on average over the long term can be considered good - but you’ll thank yourself later for following a disciplined approach, having a good investment plan and reviewing your strategy from time to time. On the following pages, we’ll offer you a glimpse into some aspects of becoming a successful long-term investor, while also helping you find the right broker.

How to manage your long-term investments


Diversifying your investments is a no-brainer, but it’s hard to get it right. Here’s all you need to keep in mind, including asset types we believe are great for diversification.
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Risk management

The risk of losing money looms large in investors’ minds. Broad strategies like diversification are a good start, but there are also tools for managing risk on a day-to-day level.
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Brokerage costs

There’s no escaping brokerage fees if you’re a long-term investor. Or is there? Here are all the costs you may face, plus links to help you find the cheapest brokers.
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Learn from professionals

Nobody is born an investor. If you’re just starting out, check out our tips on how to educate yourself and where to look for advice - including your own broker.
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Research tools

Confident enough to start doing your own stock research? See what tools you can use to support your investment decisions, from charts to screeners.
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Exit strategies

Long-term does not mean forever. Prudent investors should have a plan for when to sell a stock, and know how to access their money or switch brokers. Do you?
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Brokers for your long-term investments

Not all brokers are equally suitable for long-term investments. Cost structure - including whether you’re charged extra for not trading often - matters a lot. So does having a product selection that includes the right assets for buy-and-hold investors. Use our selector to find the top brokers for your time horizon.
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Dive into long-term investment

Are you ready to start investing and begin your long journey toward your ultimate financial goals? Here’s some additional food for thought, including a couple of great broker choices for long-term investment, and expert guidance on when and how to take your first steps.

Online brokers for long-term investment

Whatever your investment plan is, first find a good broker where you can put it into action.
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Why start investing as a young adult?

Learn the ins and outs of starting investing early.
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What is the best time to buy and sell stocks?

Looking for the perfect time to enter the market? Look no further.
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