A Beginner’s Guide

Periods of high inflation – when prices rise persistently, such as in the time after the Covid pandemic of 2020-2022 – can have a wide-ranging negative impact on your finances and your investments. Our beginner's guide to inflation provides insights into its causes and effects, as well ways that you can protect your investments from the eroding impact of inflation.

How to protect your finances against inflation

Inflation can have a significant impact on your financial well-being, but there are ways to protect your investments. The articles below provide expert insights and strategies on how to invest wisely during inflation to safeguard your finances.

How to invest during inflation?

Stocks, commodities, real estate, bonds? Read some ideas on how to beat inflation and where to invest during inflation.
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Should you invest in commodities during inflation?

See how investing in commodities can be a good option against inflation, and which may be the best choices.
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Are inflation-linked bonds a good investment during inflation?

See how inflation-indexed bonds can help preserve the value of your money during high inflation.
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Asset and broker recommendation tool

Understanding inflation is key for managing your investments. To achieve your investment goals, use our asset recommendation tool to find the best asset classes and brokers for your selected time horizon.
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Investment goals

The basics about inflation

Understanding inflation is essential for managing your investments. The articles below provide a comprehensive overview of the basics of inflation, including its definition, causes, types, and impact on the economy.

What is inflation and what causes it?

Learn about inflation and the main factors behind it.
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What does the inflation rate mean?

Explaining the inflation rate using real-life examples.
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How does inflation affect your finances?

See how inflation impacts your daily life, savings and investments.
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