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BrokerChooser in the media

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Investing apps slashed the cost of buying shares but should you beware 'fun' features that blur the lines with trading and make it look too easy?

The Mail On Sunday • Nov 12, 2022
Investment apps have slashed the cost of buying and selling shares, investment trusts and ETFs. Whereas established names, such as Hargreaves Lansdown, AJ Bell and Interactive Investor can still charge as much as £11.95 to buy and sell shares, upstart rivals such as Freetrade and eToro let investors do some without share dealing fees. Read the article →


Why are women hesitant to take charge of their finances?

Money Control • Aug 30, 2022
According to a recent survey by LXME, in association with Axis My India, 33 percent of women in India do not invest at all, and the number is as high as 40 percent in the 21-25-years age group. Read the article →


What are the main forex trading risks you need to be aware of?

The Armchair Trader • Aug 29, 2022
The foreign exchange market is a decentralized global marketplace for trading currencies with a daily volume of $6.6 trillion. It is by far the largest and most liquid market in the world. It attracts vast numbers of professional and retail traders and is ripe with risks that should be taken into consideration when trading. Read the article →


New research finds crypto investors by far the most at risk of investment fraud

Business Leader • Aug 26, 2022
New research has revealed that cryptocurrency is responsible for more than a quarter (25.33%) of all scam enquiries in the UK. The study from BrokerChooser analysed ONS and FCA data for investment-related scams and fraud to discover the causes of the problem in the UK and how much these complaints are increasing year on year. Read the article →


Experts Warn of Forex Scams, Lists Things to Watch Out for

Legit • Aug 19, 2022
An Instagram influencer who duped victims of over $4.6 million through forex trade has alerted experts to providing tips on how to spot future scams. Read the article →


Study shows women in developing nations turning to crypto for financial independence

Coin Journal • Aug 17, 2022
In developed regions, gender breakdown is heavily skewed towards males, including the UK (35% female), United States (32%) and Australia (27%). Read the article →


AMTD Digital falls 79% as trading volume wanes after a massive surge briefly valued the Chinese tech firm at over $400 billion

Markets Insider • Aug 4, 2022
Shares of high-flying AMTD Digital fell as much as 79% over the past two days as trading volume declined. The obscure Chinese-tech firm was briefly worth more than $400 billion after the stock surged on no news. Read the article →


Crypto exchange Huobi registers with Australian financial watchdog

Seeking Alpha • Aug 1, 2022
Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has registered with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre to offer its trading services in the country. Read the article →


Report: Investment fraud in state jumps 700%

Hartford Business • July 27, 2022
A recent study found that Connecticut experienced the seventh-highest percentage increase in investment fraud in the country last year. The study, conducted by BrokerChooser, which features an online broker comparison tool and reviews, analyzed data on investment-related scams and fraud from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Read the article →


Cathie Wood Trades the News on Shopify and Coinbase Stocks. Should Investors Do the Same?

The Motley Fool • July 27, 2022
Coinbase and Shopify have both announced layoffs this summer in response to a deteriorating macroeconomic climate. Cathie Wood recently sold 1.3 million shares of Coinbase stock and bought 1.8 million shares of Shopify stock. Read the article →


Reason Aussies are losing up to $25k a year

Yahoo Finance AU • July 15, 2022
Aussies are losing thousands to investment scams every year, with the number of people falling for imposter bond scams and cryptocurrency cons on the rise. Read the article →


Crypto scams largest driver of fraud reports, according to recent research

Proactive • July 11, 2022
A 2022 Investment Fraud Report published by comparison website BrokerChooser suggests that scam enquiries are increasing by 23% year on year, with cryptocurrency responsible for over a quarter of all filings to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s ScamSmart website. Read the article →


New study reveals the safest crypto exchanges to keep your coins secure in the market crash

Bdaily News • July 5, 2022
A new study from BrokerChooser has revealed the safest and most secure cryptocurrency exchanges in 2022. The crypto market’s recent significant downturn has left investors with their top priority firmly planted in the protection and safety of their assets. Read the article →


Cryptocurrency exchange: Research reveals safest exchanges as market stutters

Express • July 5, 2022
Cryptocurrency exchanges have underpinned the market's recent spell of turbulence, with fears surrounding Celsius prompting a free fall over the last month that created the most significant slump in Bitcoin's history. Researchers have helped identify five exchanges that could help people weather the storm. Read the article →


A new tax in the world’s largest crypto market has derailed trading and triggered a mass exodus of investors and startups

Fortune • July 4, 2022
On July 1, India’s government issued a harsh new crypto tax, imposing a 1% levy on all crypto transactions. Since then, trading on the country’s crypto exchanges has cratered. Read the article →


CoinFlex issues token to raise $47 million, and why FTX would want to buy Robinhood: CNBC Crypto World

CNBC Crypto World • Jun 28, 2022
On today’s show, CNBC’s Kate Rooney discusses whether FTX could buy Robinhood with Zoltan Kormanyos, head of legal at BrokerChooser. Read the article →


Forbes Middle East Evening Brief

Forbes Middle East • Jun 16, 2022
Low capital gain tax make GCC attractive according to BrokerChooser's latest analysis (from 2:30). Read the article →


7 Arab Countries Do Not Levy Tax On Income Earned From Stock Trading, Says Study

Forbes Middle East • Jun 15, 2022
Seven Arab countries are among 52 nations that have no trading tax for a $2,000 profit from stock trading, making them appealing places for investors to reside, according to a study by BrokerChooser released over the weekend. Read the article →

SEC to overhaul Wall Street retail trading: Experts reveal what you need to know

ValueWalk • Jun 13, 2022
The top U.S. securities regulator on Wednesday proposed rule changes to transform how Wall Street handles retail stock trades, but what does this mean for the market and retail traders? Read the article →


Valkyrie Investments picks up $11.5m strategic investment

Fintech Global • Jun 13, 2022
The cryptocurrency industry continues to grow. A recent study by BrokerChooser found that 41% of first-time investors in the UK see cryptocurrencies as the most important assets to have. Read the article →


The SEC is trying to reshape the US stock market - but that could mean retail investors will have to start paying fees on trades again

Markets Insider • Jun 11, 2022
The Securities and Exchange Commission is aiming to shake up the mechanics of US stock trading in the wake of last year's meme-stock frenzy, and some experts in the markets say changes could lead to a shift back to retail investors paying commissions to make trades. Read the article →


Serious Warning Issued Over Major Bitcoin And Crypto Exchange Binance And Its Ethereum Rival BNB After SEC Bombshell Hits Its Price

TechTelegraph • Jun 9, 2022
The BNB price has soared 300-fold, giving it a market capitalization of over $18 billion. The massive rally has been helped by a huge increase in both the bitcoin price and the Ethereum price since late 2020. Read the article →


Serious Warning Issued Over Major Bitcoin And Crypto Exchange Binance And Its Ethereum Rival BNB After SEC Bombshell Hits Its Price

Forbes • Jun 8, 2022
Bitcoin and crypto exchange Binance's ethereum rival BNB has rocketed up the crypto charts since its launch in 2017. Read the article →


Coinbase is Safest Crypto Exchange Overall: BrokerChooser

Blockchain.News • Jun 6, 2022
Coinbase is the safest among all cryptocurrency exchanges globally in 2022, according to research by BrokerChooser. Read the article →


Coinbase Reveals Process For Listing New Altcoins

CryptoGazette • Jun 2, 2022
The important crypto exchange Coinbase reveals the process for listing new altcoins. Check out the latest reports here. Read the article →


BrokerChooser made a security rating of cryptocurrency exchanges

World Stock Market • Jun 1, 2022
Analytical company BrokerChooser has assessed the investment security of platforms for trading digital assets and presented a rating that includes the twenty largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Read the article →


These Crypto Exchanges Are The Safest For Traders

CryptoGazette • Jun 1, 2022
The latest official data coming from a new study reveals which crypto platforms are the safest for traders. A recent study coming from the BrokerChooser based in Malta analyzed 20 of the most popular crypto platforms in the world in order to reveal which ones are the safest for crypto traders. Read the article →


The five safest cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet

The Armchair Trader • May 31, 2022
Cryptocurrency fraud is on the up. But beyond that, there is also the issue that the failure of a cryptocurrency exchange could mean you could lose access to your money. Read the article →


Coinbase ranked safest crypto exchange, followed by FTX US Derivatives: Report

Seeking Alpha • May 30, 2022
Coinbase Global has been ranked as the safest cryptocurrency exchange for investors, followed by FTX US Derivatives, Bitstamp, Bittrex and Gemini among a list totaling 20 trading platforms according to a report by BrokerChooser. Read the article →


BrokerChooser Announces Top 5 Safest Crypto Exchanges Ft. Coinbase, Gemini and More

The Fintech Times • May 28, 2022
To help investors navigate the risky and unregulated world of crypto, BrokerChooser has analysed the largest cryptocurrency exchanges on four main pillars: regulation, consumer protection, market fairness and transparency to reveal the safest exchanges for investors. Read the article →


These Are the 5 Safest Exchanges for Crypto Investors

24/7 WallST • May 26, 2022
Recent news from the cryptosphere has not been encouraging for people who want to invest in cryptocurrencies or tokens. The implosion of Terra, the 50% drop in bitcoin over the past six months and plunging prices for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken some of the shine off crypto investing. Read the article →


Coinbase: the most secure centralized exchange

The Cryptonomist • May 26, 2022
BrokerChooser has published a ranking of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges, and Coinbase appears to come out on top. Read the article →


Crypto Assets Gain Most Popularity Among First-Time Investors, Study Finds

Forbes Middle East • May 24, 2022
Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity among first-time investors by an average of 22%, thereby achieving the most fame as a financial product since 2019, according to a study by broker discovery and comparison platform BrokerChooser. Read the article →


41% of first-time investors in UK see crypto as most important asset

Fintech Global • May 24, 2022
Two-fifths (41%) of first-time investors in the UK see cryptocurrencies as the most important asset to have, according to new research from BrokerChooser. Read the article →


Nearly half of UK investors view crypto as their most important financial asset

CityA.M. • May 24, 2022
A global analysis of first time investors has revealed which countries are making the most investments, and where they’re putting their money. Read the article →


The Demise Of NFTs Or An Opportunity For Innovation?

Crypto Daily • May 18, 2022
With market volatility being experienced across the board, the NFT space is also facing tough market conditions, The crypto collapse has seen steep declines and a spooking of investors with NFTs dropping 92% from their peak last year. Read the article →


Can You Trust Commission Free Apps? How Do They Make Money?

Money Unshackled • May 12, 2022
In the medium to long-term the investment platform you use to invest through must generate a profit for itself or otherwise it will become insolvent, which is bad news for them and potentially you as well. A failed platform could result in your money being locked-up, making it inaccessible for an unknown period of time – possibly several months. Read the article →


Coinbase is Safest Crypto Exchange Overall: BrokerChooser

BitcoinEthereumNews • May 5, 2022
Coinbase is the safest among all cryptocurrency exchanges globally in 2022, according to research by BrokerChooser. Read the article →


These are the best ESG brokers for sustainable investing in 2022, new research reveals

LondonLovesBusiness • March 28, 2022
The experts at BrokerChooser have analysed global brokers on a number of factors including ESG education and research tools as well as the number of ESG products available to reveal the best brokers for sustainable investments. Read the article →


Interactive Brokers’ Global App Targets Younger Clients

Financial Advisor IQ • March 25, 2022
The company’s new app lets investors trade on more than 80 stock exchanges, as well as in several cryptocurrencies. Read the article →


Interactive Brokers’ launch of IBKR GlobalTrading: what does this say about current broker trends?

The Armchair Trader • March 22, 2022
Interactive Brokers recently launched IBKR GlobalTrading, the broker’s new global stock trading app. What does this mean for investors and the future of the global broker industry? Read the article →


Indian tax officials say crypto profits are like lottery wins

Quartz • March 21, 2022
Indian authorities have been iffy about legalising cryptocurrencies. But, they surely know there’s much to earn from them through taxes. Read the article →


The hidden danger of trading apps: how investing can quickly become gambling!

The Armchair Trader • March 11, 2022
In 2021, trading platform Robinhood had 22.5 million registered users. Many of these users were drawn in by the seemingly easy trading system that is offered by the platform. However, Robinhood and other trading apps have recently come under scrutiny for bringing a gaming aspect into trading. Read the article →


Opinion: Is Robinhood’s gamification of trading making it easier to lose money?

The Armchair Trader • March 10, 2022
There is an ongoing debate around gamification within trading. Many years ago, I worked on the relaunch of the financial spread betting platform for a major forex broker. Part of the rationale for that relaunch was to make  trading more accessible, less intimidating, more, dare I say it…fun? Read the article →


Women’s Day 2022: An NFT artist shares how female creators can make money from non-fungible tokens in India

Financial Express • March 8, 2022
NFT is a one-of-a-kind virtual currency that can take the shape of paintings, films, music, or any other type of digital production. Read the article →


Could Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Send Crypto, Bitcoin Prices Higher?

TheStreet • March 7, 2022
Russia's invasion of Ukraine has put bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies centerstage as people look for ways to donate funds. Read the article →


International Women’s Day: Nearly 1 in 3 women plan to buy crypto in 2022, says survey

Financial Express • March 6, 2022
One in five respondents believed crypto can help them reach their financial goals, most commonly funding a vacation, retiring on time, or purchasing a home. Read the article →


Four in five female investors confident of achieving retirement income goal

The Motley Fool • February 25, 2022
When it comes to retirement savings and income, women are often at a disadvantage. According to one study, for example, women need to save close to £200,000 more during their working lives to enjoy the same retirement income as men. Read the article →


BrokerChooser: How Could the Metaverse Impact Finance?

The Motley Fool • February 23, 2022
The term metaverse has been thrown about a lot, with many believing it will be an entirely digital, 3D world. However, there is more to the metaverse than simply something out of Ready Player One. Read the article →


SEC Proposes to Speed Settlement: What Will It Mean for Investors and Brokers?

Traders Magazine • February 18, 2022
The “meme stock” trading frenzy in January 2021 was an important event in US trading history and highlighted problems around US market structure. Retail traders started to push the price of highly shorted meme stocks, such as GameStop or AMC. Read the article →


What can we expect to see in the cryptocurrency world in 2022?

Business Leader • February 18, 2022
Following a blockbuster year for the cryptocurrency markets across the world, Business Leader explores what the future holds for the industry. With Bitcoin being accepted as legal tender for the first time, controversial celebrity involvement, and new ‘coins’ being introduced last year – 2022 is set to accelerate its acceptance and adoption. Read the article →


Helium Network Passing Half-Million Hotspots Could Fire Up HNT Price

CoinDesk • February 17, 2022
The crypto-powered distributed network of long-range wireless hotspots has amassed over half a million miners across the world in just two years. But what's next for the HNT token? Read the article →


Paypal Coin: Crypto experts reveal what this would mean for payments and regulation

ValueWalk • February 10, 2022
PayPal announced that it is exploring the launch of its own stablecoin. But what could this mean for payments and regulation? Read the article →


US stocks trade mixed as investors sift through latest corporate earnings reports

Markets Insider • February 8, 2022
US stocks trade mixed Tuesday as investors digested the continued strength of corporate earnings. Peloton stock fell as much as 13% after the company announced CEO John Foley will step down. Ahead, investors are anticipating the January CPI data Thursday. Economists are expecting a 7.3% surge in prices. Read the article →


It’s ‘Still Early’—Wells Fargo Issues Huge Bitcoin And Ethereum Price Prediction As Extreme Volatility Hits BNB, Solana, Cardano And XRP

Forbes • February 8, 2022
Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies had a huge boom in 2021 with the combined crypto market exploding from under $1 trillion to around $3 trillion—with some predicting the market could grow much further.  Read the article →


La moneda estable de PayPal, ¿es factible tras la capitulación de Meta con Diem?

Bolsamanía • February 5, 2022
Meta (Facebook) ha sido una de las protagonistas de las pasadas jornadas. La compañía de Mark Zuckerberg ha perdido 200.000 millones de dólares de capitalización bursátil tras presentar unos decepcionantes resultados y, en medio de toda la humareda que han levantado sus cuentas del pasado trimestre, ha decidido vender su moneda estable, Diem, a la Silvergate Capital Corporation. Read the article →


What to expect from online trading in 2022

The Motley Fool • February 2, 2022
A rise in easy access online trading accounts has made it easier than ever for those interested in investing to delve into the world of trading. Furthermore, traders should expect big things in the coming year as inflation continues to rise and energy prices hit a new high. Read the article →


Ukraine Vice Prime Minister: Bitcoin “Creates High-Tech States” • February 1, 2022
Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov expressed approval on Bitcoin mining. He said the country will become more “high-tech” with Bitcoin usage. Read the article →


Metaverse Real Estate Sparks Virtual 'Land Boom'

TheStreet • February 1, 2022
Metaverse real estate sales reached $501 million in 2021 and could reach nearly $1 billion this year. Read the article →


YouTube Is Losing Talents to The Metaverse

TheStreet • January 31, 2022
YouTube loses executives to the metaverse and the NFT space, while the company says it is exploring features for its video creators to capitalize on digital items. Read the article →


How can you lose money through pump and dump schemes? • January 31, 2022
If you suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) and enjoy getting crypto and stock tips on social media, you could be in danger of falling victim to a scam referred to as a “pump and dump” scheme. Read the article →


Robinhood (HOOD) Begins Beta Tests for Crypto Wallet Functionality

Investopedia • January 25, 2022
Online trading app Robinhood Markets, Inc. (HOOD) has begun rolling out cryptocurrency wallets to 1,000 customers as part of a beta test. In March, the rollout is expected to expand to 10,000 customers. Read the article →


Robinhood Crypto Wallet Launch: Expert Reveals What Investors Need to Know

ValueWalk • January 25, 2022
Robinhood is launching crypto wallets to 1,000 users as beta testers with a more widespread rollout expected in the coming months. But what does this mean for Robinhood users and are other brokers lagging behind? Read the article →


Crypto Expert Warns of Pump and Dump Schemes and how to Avoid Them

ValueWalk • January 21, 2022
Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Floyd Mayweather are being sued over allegedly misleading investors to get involved in cryptocurrency as part of what’s known as a ‘pump and dump’ scam. But what are these scams and how can investors avoid them? Read the article →


Why cryptocurrencies will continue to grow in India • January 6, 2022
The country’s monetary authority wants a China-like total ban on crypto, not even allowing these currencies to be treated as investments. Read the article →



Revealed! The three most popular assets for beginner investors in 2021

The Motley Fool • December 29, 2021
Beginner investors piled in to invest their wealth last year, and new research reveals that newbies have as much confidence as ever in the stock market.So what were the most popular assets among beginner investors in 2021? And what else can we learn from the research? Let’s take a look. Read the article →


India’s Crypto Law Might Not Be Ready Before May, Sources Say

CoinDesk • December 23, 2021
The country’s draft cryptocurrency bill probably won’t become law until after next year’s Budget Session ends in April, adding to uncertainty about the state of crypto regulation in the nation. Read the article →


Shiba Inu Climbs on Robinhood Listing Speculation

TheStreet • December 7, 2021
Shiba Inu supporters have been petitioning Robinhood to add the meme cryptocurrency to its trading platform. Read the article →


Shiba Inu, cada vez más popular: un conocido exchange empezará a ofrecer esta "meme coin"

iProUP • December 2, 2021
Quizás para muchos todavía siga siendo un chiste, pero un exchange reconocido comenzará a ofrecer la polémica meme coin del Shiba Inu. Read the article →


Les crypto-monnaies qui ont le plus progressé depuis 2020

BeGeek • December 1, 2021
Les crypto-monnaies sont extrêmement nombreuses, certaines bien établies, d'autres qui gagnent énormément en popularité. Voici celles qui ont le plus progressé entre septembre 2020 et septembre 2021. Read the article →


Shiba Inu Saw a 2,399,900% Price Increase From Sep 2020

The Fintech Times • November 28, 2021
The Fintech Times has analysed the top 10 biggest cryptocurrencies of 2021 and looked at their years in review. Read the article →


Crypto Thanksgiving: NFT drops and Black Friday deals go mainstream? • November 26, 2021
From the rise of the Metaverse to major brands announcing nonfungible token (NFT) drops, cryptocurrency mass adoption is well underway. Read the article →


Crypto Thanksgiving: NFT drops and Black Friday deals go mainstream?

Coin Telegraph • November 25, 2021
Holiday-themed NFTs and Black Friday crypto deals are sure to be appetizing conversation starters this Thanksgiving, but how will these offerings be received? Read the article →


L’Inde prévoit d’interdire toutes les cryptomonnaies « privées » sur son territoire

l'Éclaireur FNAC • November 25, 2021
Un projet de loi prévoit l’interdiction des cryptomonnaies privées sur le territoire, offrant au passage un cadre pour la création d’une monnaie numérique officielle. Read the article →


Cryptocurrency Bill: What's at stake for Indian crypto industry and investors. A status check

Mint • November 24, 2021
The union government is all set to introduce a Cryptocurrency Bill for consideration and passing in the Winter Session of Parliament. Read the article →


The Age of Funcertainty!

The Reformed Broker • November 23, 2021
They’re going to try to come up with a name for this market era when they look back on it someday. “Post-pandemic” doesn’t do it justice, although the role of the pandemic in fostering this moment cannot be overstated. Read the article →


The most popular and biggest-gaining cryptocurrency tokens of 2021 revealed!

The Motley Fool • November 23, 2021
It’s been another crazy year for cryptocurrency as digital assets have been riding high. All of the eyeballs on the market have led to some wild gains and some new fan favourite tokens. Read the article →


Bitcoin locker geschlagen: Diese Altcoins liefern 2021 absurden Zuwachs

WinFuture • November 23, 2021
Bitcoin ist und bleibt der dominante Faktor im Kryptomarkt. Mit einem Blick auf das letzte Jahr konnten aber andere digitale Währungen in Sachen Popularität und Wertzuwachs den Platzhirsch noch überflügeln. Read the article →


The biggest gains in value and popularity among cryptocurrencies have been led by altcoins this year — here are 5 biggest winners in 2021

Markets Insider • November 22, 2021
Altcoins in 2021 dominated in value and popularity growth in the now-$2.6 trillion cryptocurrency market. Read the article →


Shiba Inu Posted Greatest Increase in Value, Popularity in 2021

TheStreet • November 22, 2021
Shiba Inu recorded the greatest increase in value and popularity this year, a research firm says. Read the article →


Cryptocurrencies With the Greatest Increase in Value and Popularity In 2021

ValueWalk • November 22, 2021
New research reveals the cryptocurrencies with the greatest increase in popularity and value in 2021, with one $10 investment a year ago worth over $200,000 today. Read the article →


India To Take Progressive Steps on Crypto, Eyes Prohibiting Crypto Ads

Benzinga • November 13, 2021
Government officials raised concerns about the use of crypto trading for laundering money and financing terrorism efforts. Read the article →


How women are staking out a space in the blockchain world

World Economic Forum • November 12, 2021
A growing number of female artists, investors and collectors are embracing cryptocurrency and NFTs, and bridging the gender gap. Read the article →


Crypto queens, it's time to get past the male gatekeepers! Blockchain world waiting for women with open arms

The Economic Times • November 10, 2021
Crypto artists like Sneha Chakraborty & 14-year-old Laya Mathikshara are fast gaining a following. Read the article →


Bed Bath & Beyond: day traders seek new meme themes

Financial Times • November 4, 2021
Speculative trading urge will not go away quickly when money is so cheap to borrow. Read the article →


Brokerages have snared legions of day traders but are the apps too easy to use?

Financial Times • October 28, 2021
Regulators are worried that confetti, emojis and other attention-grabbing artifices might be dangerous. Read the article →


Women from Philippines, Hong Kong and China account for higher than global average when it comes to investing in stock markets

South China Morning Post • October 18, 2021
Hong Kong ranked eighth in terms of percentage of women stock investors in a survey of 123 markets by online platform BrokerChooser. Read the article →


Is the army of lockdown traders here to stay?

Financial Times • October 18, 2021
Brokers and platforms are hopeful some of the retail boom will outlast the pandemic. Read the article →


Global crypto awareness: Singapore beats Canada and Hong Kong

Yahoo! Finance • October 14, 2021
Brokers and platforms are hopeful some of the retail boom will outlast the pandemic. Read the article →


Airdrops, DAOs, token issuance and public domains are the next frontier for NFTs

Coin Telegraph • October 13, 2021
Innovation in the NFT space moves about as fast as the prices. Here’s a rundown of the most recent developments. Read the article →


Almost 5% of Brits are invested in cryptocurrency

The Motley Fool • October 12, 2021
A recent study shows that cryptocurrency is popular among British investors, with almost 5% of us owning crypto assets. What else do the stats show us? Read the article →


Female investor participation in India below global average, shows data

Business Standard • October 3, 2021
The Philippines has the highest share globally with 44 per cent female participation. Read the article →


The UK has the joint 8th lowest proportion of female investors

The Motley Fool • September 28, 2021
Investing has long been male-dominated. That's still the case today, but is the tide beginning to turn? Read the article →


53% of British investors use their mobile to buy shares

The Motley Fool • September 27, 2021
Do you use a mobile app to buy shares? Recent research shows more than half of us reach for our phones. So what are the advantages of using an app? Read the article →


Tibor Bedő of BrokerChooser: “The necessity of research”

Thrive Global • September 24, 2021
Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency industry has been making headlines nearly every week. Many people have gotten very wealthy investing or leading the cryptocurrency industry. At the same time, many people have lost a lot investing in the industry. Read the article →


Geo-politics and banking: Caught in the middle

BBN Times • September 17, 2021
In January of 2019 I was invited to Iran to meet with the Central Bank Governor to discuss the future of banking, crypto and what opportunities Iran has once sanctions eventually are dropped. Read the article →


The fine line between banker and jail

The Finanser • September 17, 2021
Some years ago, I regularly talked about bankers being criminals. It’s not a popular theme with the banking community but, a bit like a genius, bankers walk that line between good and bad. Read the article →


En 20 ans, 10 banques ont versé plus de 218 milliards d'euros d'amendes

L'Echo • September 10, 2021
Bank of America est en tête du classement des banques les plus souvent sanctionnées depuis 2000. Cinq banques européennes, dont Deutsche Bank et BNP Paribas, sont dans le top 10. Read the article →


Tibor Bedő of BrokerChooser on The 5 Things You Need To Understand In Order To Successfully Invest In Cryptocurrency

Authority Magazine • September 6, 2021
In this interview series called “5 Things You Need To Understand In Order To Successfully Invest In Cryptocurrency” we are talking to leaders in the cryptocurrency industry, as well as successful investors, who share insights from their experience about how to successfully invest in Cryptocurrency. Read the article →


US banks account for 76% of top global banking fines

ValueWalk • September 3, 2021
New research has revealed the banks and brokers that have been hit with the biggest financial penalties and the most commonly fined offences – with one bank racking up $82bn in fines. Read the article →


Bank of America Has Accumulated $82.9 Billion in Fines Since 2000; BrokerChooser Study Finds

The Fintech Times • September 2, 2021
A newly released study from BrokerChooser has revealed the biggest financial offenders of recent history and the penalities they experienced; with their figures revealing how some companies have racked up fines of $82.9 billion. Read the article →


Robinhood/Charles Schwab: not such a merry man

Financial Times • August 19, 2021
The stock trading app’s bid to attract long-term customers depends on disrupting more mature rivals. Read the article →


How to find an online cryptocurrency broker

The Motley Fool • August 15, 2021
Finding the right cryptocurrency broker can be difficult, so here are some tips to help you pick the right place to buy and sell crypto online. Read the article →


Robinhood’s growth hinges on loyalty of next-gen traders

Financial Times • August 10, 2021
Steady assets will be critical for growth at commission-free broker popular with meme-stock set. Read the article →


The Bank of America Holds the Title for Biggest Single Banking Fine Finds BrokerChooser

The Fintech Times • August 6, 2021
New research has revealed the banks and brokers that have been hit with the biggest financial penalties and the most commonly fined offences – with one bank racking up $82billion in fines. Read the article →


Cryptocurrency warning: The 'biggest red flag' to look out for when choosing broker

Express • July 28, 2021
Investing in cryptocurrency can be risky, but using an online broker can help newcomers get started in digital currency. Read the article →


The five most revealing numbers in the Robinhood IPO prospectus

Financial Times • July 2, 2021
Fast-growing but controversial brokerage readies hotly-anticipated flotation. Read the article →


Robinhood Traders Face the Taxman After Falling In Love With Stocks

Bloomberg • January 26, 2021
What should you know if you made money on your investments last year? Almost everyone who makes money must get acquainted with the taxman. Read the article →



Day Traders Put Stamp on Market With Unprecedented Stock Frenzy

Bloomberg • December 31, 2020
Look at a screen at almost any point in 2020, and chances are you saw something like this: A company that nobody had ever heard of 12 months ago was in the process of trading 20 million shares in a day. Read the article →


UK trading apps up to 20x cheaper than incumbents

Sifted • February 6, 2020
An independent review has shown that "wealthtechs" offer starkly cheaper trading than their older peers. A price war is now inevitable, but can the newcomers manage their costs? Read the article →


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