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The Countries with the Most Interest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic at the moment with more and more investors looking for online brokers so they can invest in crypto. Here at BrokerChooser, we help you find a broker so you can make the most of your crypto investments.

One of the great things about cryptocurrency is the fact that there are no geographical boundaries, creating a level playing field across the globe.

However, there seem to be some countries where investors and traders are more interested in cryptocurrency than others. We wanted to find out which countries have the most interest in crypto, so we looked at some of our own data as well as finding out where the most searches related to crypto are coming from, the countries where crypto is owned and the adoption of crypto.

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The Countries with the Highest Crypto Awareness Scores

We looked at the total global searches over the last 12 months for cryptocurrency-related searches including: ‘cryptocurrency’, ‘what cryptocurrency to invest in’ and ‘cryptocurrency trading’. We also looked at the home countries of BrokerChooser users, the number of crypto owners and the global crypto adoption index, normalising these factors against population numbers.

Combining these factors, we were then able to assign a crypto awareness score to discover which country has the most interest and awareness in cryptocurrency and trading them.

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Crypto Awareness Score /10

The Countries with the Most Interest in Cryptocurrency

Rank Country Total Crypto Searches Total Crypto Searches Per 10,000 Population Number of Crypto Owners Number of Crypto Owners as % of Population 2020 Global Crypto Adoption Index /1 Crypto Awareness Score /10

The Countries with the Highest Number of Crypto Searches

We looked at seven crypto-related search terms:

Cryptocurrency Compare cryptocurrency What cryptocurrency to invest in Cryptocurrency to buy Cryptocurrency trading Cryptocurrency trends Cryptocurrency brokers

But which country saw the highest volume of searches per 10,000 people?

The Countries with the Highest Rate of Crypto Owners

Cryptocurrency might seem unknown to many people, but it is already being used by millions of people around the world. So, where in the world is home to the highest rate of crypto owners?

The Countries with the Highest Global Crypto Adoption Index Score

The Global Crypto Adoption Index score is a score given to each country based on a number of factors such as the cryptocurrency activity and value received by each country, the number of crypto transactions and the exchange trade volume. This index is created by Chainalysis and has a score out of 1.


We chose to look at the 50 countries with the highest number of BrokerChooser users based on our own data.

With these 50 countries, we then used Google Keyword Planner to discover how many searches were made over the past 12 months for each of our seven crypto phrases by taking a total of monthly searches. These figures were correct as of July 8th 2021.

We then normalised the numbers for both factors against population numbers from World Population Review to find the number of BrokerChooser users and related searches per 10,000 people.

The number of crypto owners is taken from Triple A’s Cryptocurrency Across the World report and is taken as a percentage of the total population.

The 2020 global crypto adoption index score is taken from Chainalysis’ 2020 Geography of Cryptocurrency Report.

We finally gave each country a normalised score out of ten for these factors before taking an average of the scores for our final Crypto Awareness Score.

DISCLAIMER: The calculations are based on rough estimations, therefore data may be inaccurate. For more info, please read the details of TripleA's methodology here.

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