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Investment education from professionals for everyone, from rookies to sharks. Find the latest tips categorized by assets, suggested articles, and a step-by-step guide.

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Stocks and ETFs

Learn about the basics of investing in stocks and funds, and get other useful information to help you on your investment journey.

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Foreign exchange and currency pairs explained. Learn how to trade forex and find the best brokers.

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Want to start something new? We'll help you navigate the new world of crypto.

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Options and Futures

What are stock options and futures? Get all the answers here and learn how their trading works.

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Just because you like coffee doesn't mean it's a good investment. Check out which brokers you can buy commodities from.

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Invest and Trade

Investing and trading tips, tricks and tutorials here.

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Read about the latest news from the brokerage world right here.

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Suggested Articles

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6 steps for buying shares online

You've probably imagined many times how you're going to buy shares in a company and make enough money to travel the world and last you for the rest of your life. Achieving this is not easy, but you have to start somewhere.

Buying shares online is not rocket science. Follow this simple six-step plan:

  1. Find a good online broker
  2. Open an investment account
  3. Upload money to your account
  4. Find a stock you want to buy
  5. Buy the stock
  6. Review your share positions regularly
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