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Is Plus500 a good broker for commodity CFDs?

Are you interested in commodity CFD trading, including even niche products, and wondering if Plus500 offers these at competitive fees?

Plus500's wide-ranging commodity CFD options come with high fees, catering to traders who prioritize variety over cost. Not you? Check if these great brokers offer a similar choice for less.

I recommend Plus500 for its strong commodity line-up, even if fees aren't the best.
Tamás Gyuriczki
Trading Titan | CFD • Options Trading • Market Analysis

The years I've spent reviewing CFD brokers armed me with a solid understanding of the complex world of commodity CFDs. Since CFDs are a convenient but potentially risky way to trade commodities, I suggest you heed the following points:

  • Product selection and fees make all the difference when trading commodity CFDs.
  • Plus500's commodity CFD portfolio covers a wide array of market sectors.
  • Commodity CFD trading fees at Plus500 aren't the best on the market.
Commodity CFDs - an AI rendition

Unsure about Plus500 or simply interested in CFD trading beyond commodities? Check out our list of the best CFD brokers in 2024 to pick a well-priced and easy-to-use broker platform.

Before you start trading, we invite you to go through the CFD trading tips and strategies we consider most important.

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Product selection and fees make all the difference when trading commodity CFDs

Similarly to other markets, the key to mitigating risk in commodity trading is diversification; but it's hard to diversify your portfolio unless you have a great selection of commodity CFDs at your disposal.

If you're primarily a stock or forex CFD trader and merely want to dip your toe in the commodity CFD market, you may be content with a handful of mainstream options like crude oil or gold. But if your main focus is commodity CFDs, you should look for a broker that offers CFDs from a wide range of commodity sectors such as rare metals or agricultural products, providing more exotic choices such as palladium or soybeans.

The best commodity CFD brokers often provide several dozen or sometimes more than 100 commodity CFD products. This variety ensures that traders can diversify their portfolio and hedge against market volatility. A broad product choice also often hints at a broker's expertise and commitment to the commodity CFD market.

Just as important as the product selection are a broker's CFD fee structure and fee levels. These directly impact profitability, especially for those who trade frequently or in large volumes. Trading fees such as spreads and financing rates will make up the bulk of your costs, but non-trading fees such as withdrawal and inactivity fees can also sting if you don't use your account wisely.

Unfamiliar with these terms? Read our overview of the most important CFD fees.

In addition to simply low fees, a transparent fee structure without hidden costs is preferable, as it allows you to calculate potential returns more accurately.

Plus500 commodity CFDs

Plus500's commodity CFD portfolio covers a wide array of market sectors

Plus500 offers 24 different commodity CFDs to trade, a bigger-than-average selection that is ideal for traders seeking a well-rounded commodity CFD portfolio. The range of commodities offered by Plus500 caters to both conventional and niche interests, in sectors ranging from energy and precious metals to agricultural commodities.

Plus500 commodity CFD trading at a glance
Commodity CFD
Commodity CFDs (#)
Overall score
4.5 stars

Data updated on March 20, 2024

Commodity CFD trading fees at Plus500 aren't the best on the market

Unfortunately, the fees charged by Plus500 for trading CFDs in general are high, meaning you can probably find a more competitive provider if trading costs are your primary focus. Our list of the best CFD brokers in 2024 is a good place to start.

What is a good way to calculate a broker's CFD trading fee levels? We do it by looking at a hypothetical trade that involves a $2,000 trading position with 20:0 leverage that is held for one week. This way, we can incorporate spreads, commissions and financing rates under a common benchmark. Once again, read our overview of CFD fees to learn more about these fee types.

In the table below, you can find the spreads for two popular commodity CFDs, Gold (XAU/USD) and Silver (XAG/USD) at Plus500.

Plus500 commodity CFD trading at a glance
Gold CFD spread
Silver CFD spread

Data updated on March 20, 2024

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