Summer Intern at Fintech Startup

A fast-growing fintech startup is looking for an intern with strong business background to be a swiss knife and solve everything.

BrokerChooser helps people invest by matching them to the best investment providers. The team is ex-BCG, Morgan Stanley, KPMG. We dream, build, and get things done. Two-year-old BrokerChooser is a fast-growing and revenue-positive early stage company where you can make a difference. We are part of CEU’s Innovation Lab and located in central Budapest.

Your ability to support the founders and senior team members will contribute to our success. You will need to do everything. We mean it. Here is what we have on the table:

  • Researching industry
  • Writing articles
  • Doing magic
  • Compiling pitch deck
  • Screening London VCs
  • Calculating break-even points

Of course, not alone. We will be guide you and provide feedback on your work.

Summer Intern

We are looking for skills, attitude, and spirit

  • Have a background in finance, investment, or management. Or show us you understand cost benefit analysis.
  • Be an excel master. Know how to pivot, vlookup, or index.
  • Get your hands dirty. You will also get tasks which is not fun. But, also superb tasks.
  • Be able to write in English. Not the Hunglish version, but proper English.
  • If you have background from “szakkoli”, CEMS, or any other extracurricular activities
  • Be honest, open, direct, upfront. And fun.

What we offer

Let’s get the ugly part out. This is an unpaid position and it is for fixed term, until the end of summer. If you do well, you will get an offer for an analyst position, with a salary.

Now the bright side. You will develop tremendously. You will be pushed, you will get top notch guidance and feedback. You will learn about new tools, way of working, and mostly about personal responsibility. You will be at the driving seat. As such, you can make the change, and be part of a bigger story.

We are happy to connect you with previous interns, who can share their thoughts with you. They were coming from Rajk, Fakt, London. Those who did not stay ended up at Blackrock, Google, OTP, CEU, MET, or doing their own startups. Ask them, they will be your best source.

One more thing. We are very flexible. If you want to do home office, work from Balaton, or at night. It is your choice. As said, you will learn a lot about personal responsibility.

How to apply

Send your CV, including a few bullet points why you, why a fintech, and why Brokerchooser. We’ll contact you if you might be the right fit, and we’ll get together to exchange ideas, and ask questions. Of each other. Because we’re in the business of finding the right match.