SEO focused Digital PR expert

If you want to join a rapidly growing company where you can have a direct impact with your work, this is the time and BrokerChooser is the team! As a Senior Digital PR Expert with an SEO focus 3+ years working experience in the field, your job will be to connect us with our media partners.

Why is it great to work with BC*:

  • Help people find where to invest

  • Be part of our rapid growth 

  • Build a promising fintech startup with us

  • Work wherever and whenever you want to

  • Work for a global company in an international environment

  • Work for a data-driven independent company

  • Be digile - We combine diligent work with agile methods

*More info:

Why is it great to work as Digital PR Expert at BrokerChooser:

  • Have direct impact on the company reputation with your work

  • Opportunity to both develop a strategy and execute it (end to end impact)

  • You can have a direct impact with your work raising awareness of our brand

  • A great opportunity to take your career to the next level by building a new arm for BrokerChooser

What will you be doing:

  • Develop and roll out BrokerChooser's SEO-focused PR strategy

  • Increase the visibility of our site

  • Establish a relationship with news outlets by screening, connecting, and maintaining them

  • Build BrokerChooser's brand awareness and mentions in top media

  • Build off-page SEO

  • Coordinate with content team

  • Help with content production

  • Work for and with the head of marketing

You are the ideal candidate if you:

  • are a relationship builder, an excellent English writer, a problem solver, a team player, have an analytical mindset, and a ROI thinker

  • have proven track record in off-page SEO, ideally internationally

  • have 3+ year experience in PR

How to apply:

Send your resume to [email protected] and we’ll contact you if we think you may be the right fit. We’ll get together to exchange ideas and ask questions about each other. Because we’re in the business of finding the right match.

More about BrokerChooser:

It is hard to navigate financial institutions and this is where BrokerChooser helps. We listen to our customers, assess their needs, and recommend a solution on where to invest. BrokerChooser is the first fintech start-up company dedicated to helping people navigate the financial markets and select the most appropriate broker to invest. The borderless scope of our service allows someone from Lithuania to check whether an American or a German broker offers better conditions for opening an account. BrokerChooser aims to make this process as transparent and flawless as possible. An essential part of this transparency stems from our independent, tech-focused evaluation that involves checking almost 500 data points on the different aspects of the reviewed brokers. Our technology and expertise in finance create a unique combination and represent a rare source of unbiased guidance for customers.

Working with BrokerChooser, you'll be able to gain an insight into the exciting world of trading and finance.

It's unique because it is:

data driven, customer-reviewed, independent, cutting-edge technology, borderless