Senior Backend Developer

It is super hard to navigate around financial institutions, this is where Brokerchooser helps. We listen to customers, see what they want and based on their preferences, we recommend a solution on where to invest.  If you want to join a company where you can have a direct and immediate impact on the product then it's your time and team! You, as a Senior backend developer has a demonstrated 3+ years working experience in the field. At Brokerchooser, you will develop our custom CMS.

Ideal candidate:

problem solver, team player, communicative, partner, risk takes, believer, full-fledged, devoted, passionate


  • 3+ years of overall development experience, incl. 1 - 2 years of experience in back-end development

  • PHP affinity


  • Designing database structures

  • Developing backend systems

Technology, tools:

SQL -  based database systems, REST API, PHP Laravel, Basic server knowledge, interest for SEO

More on what we do:

BrokerChooser is the first fintech start-up company that helps people navigate the financial markets in order to help decide which broker they should use to invest. The borderless scope of the service allows someone from e.g. Lithuania to check whether an American or a German broker has better conditions for opening an account. BrokerChooser aims to make this process as transparent and flawless as possible. An essential part of transparency is the independent, tech-focused evaluation that involves checking almost 300 data points on the different aspects of the reviewed brokers. Our technology and 10+ years of experience in finance create a unique combination and represent a rare source of unbiased guidance for customers.

It's unique because the reviews are:

data based, customer-reviewed, independent, cutting edge technology, borderless

How to apply:

Please send your CV or resume to [email protected]. We’ll contact you if you might be the right fit, and we’ll get together to exchange ideas, and ask questions. Of each other. Because we’re in the business of finding the right match.