Lead Data Scientist at Fintech Startup

A fast-growing fintech startup is looking for a lead data scientist to own its recommendation algorithm

BrokerChooser helps people invest by matching them to the best investment providers. The team is ex-BCG, Morgan Stanley, MOL, etc. We dream, build, and get things done. Two-year-old BrokerChooser is a fast-growing and revenue-positive early stage company where you can make a difference.

Your ability to dig into large set of data, build, test and constantly improve recommendation algorithms, interpret results and develop business recommendations will contribute to our success by helping our customers to find the best brokers. We have a proprietary and clean data set and a running recommendation algorithm. You will work with a clean database with the help of our developers.

Our customers want to be paired with the best brokers. Are you up for the (ad)venture? Good.

We are looking for skills, solutions, and spirit

  • Skillset: Have a good understanding of machine learning. If you are not lost in a random forest, can shake hand with a multi-armed bandit, and are happy to detect anomalies in Python or R, you have the skills.
  • Solutions: Yeah, supermodels are nice. But the best model is which is deployed, runs, and provides business value. Understand business needs, be able to develop pragmatic solutions, and interpret results.
  • Spirit: Be a partner. A risk taker. A believer. Like us.

How to apply

Please browse this section. Based on your view, how do you think the recommendation works? If you wanted to employ machine learning, and optimize the recommendations based on which broker the users actually select, how would you do it? Summarize your thoughts and send it to us. If you think this is fun, you could be a good fit. Send your CV or resume too.

Data Scientist