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Thanks for considering BrokerChooser. We encourage you to listen to your instincts. Would BrokerChooser be a good fit for you? If your inner voice says yes, let's go further.

Check out the open positions. If you did not find what you were looking for, do not give up yet. We are always open to meet great people. Maybe it is YOU we are looking for, we just do not know it yet.

If you are among the top in finance, digital marketing, web development, design, data science, or sales, send us your application to [email protected]. Suprise us.


Our careers page is being developed right now. You might experience missing points or tpyos.

5 Reasons Why Join Us

Here we sum up, in five easy to digest points why join BrokerChooser

  1. Help people where to invest
  2. Be part of a rapid, international growth
  3. Grow with BrokerChooser
  4. Great people, great compensation
  5. Be digile (haha)

Check what these mean in more depth.

1. Help people where to invest

It is super hard to navigate around financial institutions, this is where BrokerChooser helps. We listen to customers, see what they want and based on their preferences we recommend a solution on where to invest. 

Every day, thousands of people from all over the world come to BrokerChooser to navigate around finance and investments. We help them. Our impact is saving people from scam providers and helping them to find a cheaper, better solution than they currently have. 

We get energized every day by the customer feedback we get.

"I did my broker research before finding you. You have recommended the same broker I chose. This is awesome."

"BrokerChooser has the wow effect. Why have not I heard about you before?"

We are also super proud of brokers' comments about our work.

"The review looks great. Thank you for your time, we really appreciate your work. "

"I had some time to read your review about our company. It’s very good. You spent a lot of time with analysis, not just about our service but also does of other brokers. Your website is the best and most detailed broker review I have come across.

Well done, really!"

2. Be part of a rapid, international growth

BrokerChooser grows very, very fast. This is true for users, revenue, broker partners, team size, and so on. It is extremely motivation being in a business which constantly evolves.




We are international. We do not focus only on one or two countries. But, we are breaking down country barriers and attacking for an international user base and international brokers.

Helping people globally where to invest is harder and more rewarding than concentrating on one country.

3. Grow with BrokerChooser

Benefit from a team culture where your progress matters. At BrokerChooser your development matters. You will have development aims, and there is both budget and (more importantly) management time are set aside helping you to reach your aims. You will also get regular, fair, and actionable feedback to help you develop.

“Regular feedbacks at BrokerChooser help me see how I am doing and find a path forward in personal development.” - Jani, CTO, developer

Increase your fintech talent. You will be at the intersection of finance, tech, data science and digital marketing and will constantly get exposure to the newest trends. You will never work in a functional or industrial silo, but you will need to cooperate and as such learn from completely different skillsets.

"I learned how to structure my thoughts, communication, and work which also helped me to be more successful in my personal and academic life" - Adam, broker expert

4.Great people, great compensation

Work with amazing people. At BrokerChooser we put a lot of emphasizing on selecting the excellent people. This is not just true about hardcore skillset, but also about work attitude and personal integrity. Meet the current team through short intros and get them to know better later on.

I was a dedicated backpaper and liked to walk the road less travelled and explore other countries. As my family has expended, I rather spend time joyfully exploring zoos, theme parks and playgrounds. - Tibi, CEO, Co-founder

I really like the activities giving me a feeling of freedom. Rock climbing and travelling the world are my favourites. Luckily, BrokerChooser has finally granted me freedom also within my work. I love that. Greg, CPO, Co-founder

I studied, progressed with my career and did competitive sports for most of my 20s, traveling as much as I could doing so. I'm trying to keep some of this flexibility even now as I have 2 kids and busy career. - Dan, CMO

Helping other people is a credo for me. During my university years, I taught students for free and I was always fond of any charity activity. Now I work hard for deepening my knowledge in complex topics, like finance and to use this knowledge for helping other people - Adam, Broker Expert

Great achievements deserve great compensation. We would like to build a team where its members are fully happy with their financial compensation. Listen to what Tibor thinks about compensation


5. Be digile (haha)

We combine diligent work with agile methods. We call this digile for our own fun. Founders have experience in prestigious firms, including Morgan Stanley, The Boston Consulting Group, GE Money and KPMG. The leadership has both the mindset and the skills to be visionary and roll things out. We have mid-term strategic aims and execute those aims in short sprints. Meanwhile, we put the right amount of time to evaluate our co-work. 


We regularly do a BrokerChooser hackaton. We go offsite and work on one thing intensively for a day. This gets rolled out. Some of our previous hackatons were about rolling out a chat or comparing digital banks

We set our own team norms. This means work is very very flexible. You can work when you want and where you want, but this should be according to the set team norms, the so-called BrokerChooser Awesomeness Foundations. Some quotes:

Planning your time is your own sole responsibility. The team values reliable planning which means that you should plan stuff that you can realistically deliver both short (weekly) and long (quarterly) term.

You should define your own vacation policy and announce it before you are off. Your vacation policy should clarify if you are available during your time off at all, how you can be reached, when (if) do you plan to check mail/slack/phone. All options are good, just make it clear, and manage handovers if needed.

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