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Our product

We help people invest, because investing is hard.

To financially conscious people, BrokerChooser is the go-to site for uncomplicated online comparison of brokers, digital banks and other providers.

How does it work? You tell us a bit about your portfolio and investment plans, and we will tell you which investment service providers to use.

Our story

Feb 2016

Building an online brokerage aggregator startup from scratch

Jan 2018

In 2017, over 5,000 clients found their online broker through our website

Sept 2018

We were included in a cohort of startups to be hosted by the Central European University’s (CEU) ILab

Jan 2019

We closed a successful year in 2018: monthly traffic skyrocketed and we already covered 24 brokers in our system

July 2019

Our team and our product were growing rapidly: 15 international team members, 50 brokers reviewed in our system

Sept 2019

We were nominated ‘Best Fintech Startup of the Year in 2019’ at the CESA Awards

March 2020

In a difficult period for most, we saw the bright side of Covid: our monthly traffic soared in March due to volatile market conditions

Nov 2020

Reaching seven-figure annual revenue (€) for the first time

Jan 2021

Our session numbers tripled, resulting in a daily all-time high number of visitors

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5 Reasons to Work with Us

Let us sum up in five easy-to-digest points why you should join BrokerChooser

1. Help people find where to invest

It is super hard to navigate financial institutions, and this is where BrokerChooser helps. Every day, thousands of people from all over the world visit BrokerChooser in their quest to find the perfect broker or trading platform for their investment objectives. We are here to steer them toward that goal.

2. Be a part of rapid, international growth

BrokerChooser is growing very, very fast. This is true for the number of users, revenue, broker partnerships, team size, and so on. It is extremely motivating to be part of a business that constantly evolves on a global scale.

3. Grow with BrokerChooser

Benefit from a team culture where your progress really matters. You will get regular, fair, and actionable feedback to help you develop. You will be at the intersection of finance, tech, data science and digital marketing, and will constantly get exposure to the latest trends.

4. Great network, great remuneration

Work with amazing people. At BrokerChooser, we put a lot of emphasis on selecting excellent team members. This is not only about hardcore skill sets, but also about work attitude and personal integrity.

We believe that great achievements deserve great compensation. We would like to build a collaborative team where people are fully happy with their financial remuneration.

5 . Be “digile”

We combine diligent work with agile methods. We call this “digile” for our own fun. Our founders have prior experience in prestigious firms including Morgan Stanley, Boston Consulting Group, GE Money and KPMG. BrokerChooser’s leadership has both the mindset and the skills to be visionary and at the same time roll things out quickly.

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Life at BrokerChooser

If you are curious about us, check out our team page and get to know us.