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Browse through our current openings. Furthernore we are always open to meet talent. If you are among the top in digital marketing, financial writing, IT or B2B sales send us your application to [email protected] Suprise us with a quality inroduction.

Who we are

Brokerchooser is a European online stockbroker aggregator, a financial technology focused startup. We are early stage, but constantly growing.

What we offer

  • Professional management. If you want structured work with great leaders, this is your place. Founders have 10+ experience in prestigious firms, including Morgan Stanley, The Boston Consulting Group, GE Money and KPMG. The leadership has both the mindset and the skills to roll out a super idea. 
  • Ambitious goals. Or expected scale curve makes most company pale. If you want challenges, this is your place.  We look into a five year growth plan to be the number one comparison page in Europe and build up a common investment platform. This is both realistic and ambitious.
  • Strong business background. If you want to work with professional coworkers, this is the place for you.  We are neither small scale entrepreneurs, nor boil the ocean dreamers. We are commercially focused, and know the brokerage business inside out.
  • First steps done. Product is validated, broker partnerships are building up.  There are still a lot to do, but we are on a right track. This is what we hear from San Fran to Berlin. 
  • People focused. Brokerchooser's most important assets are its people. We have the the highest standard to select our team and we  put great emphasize on constant development. You will be positively surprised.

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