How to buy premarket on Webull?

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Apr 2024

How to premarket on Webull - out of hours trading

At Webull, premarket trading is possible. Feel free to read our short answer in this matter provided by professionals.

What does premarket mean?

Premarket trading is part of the "extended-hours" trading periods. During these periods, trading is allowed, even if the market is not open yet.


Can I trade during extended hours on Webull

Yes, it is possible to trade premarket on Webull

How to pre and post market on Webull

  1. Login to your Webull account
  2. Go to your order panel
  3. Choose a product by placing limit orders and selecting "Include after hours" option
  4. At the "Trading Hours" menu point, choose "Include Extended Hours" from the drop-down list
  5. Enjoy extended hours trading

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