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Can you trade options at tastytrade?


Yes, you can trade options at tastytrade.

  tastytrade ChoiceTrade TradeStation
Options markets (#) 8 5 10

Options trading strategies involve different degrees of risk and complexity. Some riskier types of trades, like selling call options on stocks you don't own or selling put options, can only be executed if you have a margin account. However, less risky strategies, such as buying a call option, are allowed on cash accounts, too.

Keep in mind that US brokers require you to have a minimum balance of $2,000 to maintain a margin account. This does not apply to cash accounts. In option trades, the minimum size is one contract, which represents 100 shares of the underlying asset.

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Fees for trading options at tastytrade


Let's take a closer look at the fees tastytrade charges and how much that is in USD for trading 10 options contracts. Note that some brokers use a model that doesn't charge a fee for closing an option trade. In these cases, in order to represent this discount properly, we've halved the actual opening fee for them, because most other brokers charge for both the opening and closing transactions. Note that tastytrade charges a flat fee of $5 per leg if you get assigned stock or if you exercise your options, irrespective of how many shares are exercised or assigned.

  tastytrade ChoiceTrade TradeStation
US stock options $5.0 $20.0 $10.0
US stock index options $7.5 $20.0 $10.0
UK stock index options - - -
German stock index options - - -

If you want to check out more brokers where options trading is available, read our article on the the best options trading platforms.


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