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tastytrade is a young, up-and-coming US broker focusing on options trading. For experienced traders, a good alternative to tastytrade is TD Ameritrade, especially if they are after solid research tools and a well-equipped desktop trading platform.

See how tastytrade stacks up against TD Ameritrade!


tastytrade vs TD Ameritrade
  tastytrade TD Ameritrade
Overall score 4.6 4.7
  • Low trading fees

  • Great educational materials

  • Good research tools

  • Low trading fees (free stock and ETF trading)

  • Superb desktop trading platform

  • Great customer support

  • Limited product selection

  • Few deposit and withdrawal options

  • No demo account

  • You can trade only on US markets

  • Accounts mostly limited to US residents

  • No credit/debit cards and electronic wallets for money transfer

Fees score 4.3 stars 4.2 stars
Account opening score 5.0 stars 3.7 stars
Deposit and withdrawal score 1.9 stars 1.9 stars
Web platform score 3.4 stars 4.3 stars
Markets and products score 3.1 stars 3.7 stars

Both tastytrade and TD Ameritrade offer very similar depositing/withdrawing options.

Where the two differ is account opening. It's easier to open a tastytrade account where the process is fully digital, while TD Ameritrade may ask you to mail or fax a copy of your ID documents to verify your identity. Nevertheless, TD Ameritrade ranks better for a number of features and functions once you have opened an account.

The tastytrade trading platform is great for experienced traders. TD Ameritrade, meanwhile, offers a simple web-based trading platform with a clean look.


Pros of tastytrade and TD Ameritrade


  • They provide a two-step authentication system for certain functions.

  • Both are accessible on desktop, mobile, and web.


Cons of tastytrade and TD Ameritrade


  • The workspace and charts are not customizable.

  • Only a handful of languages are available: TD Ameritrade is available in English and Chinese, while tastytrade is only available in English.

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