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Trading stocks on Revolut

Table of contents


1. Trading experience on Revolut

Mobile trading platform | Web trading platform

2. Products you can trade

Overview | Stocks | Cryptocurrencies | Gold and 'Precious Metals' | Favourites

3. Research & education at Revolut

Overview | Trading ideas | Fundamental data | Charting | Newsfeeds


Revolut’s mobile trading platform hosts both its banking and trading service within one application. You have to scroll through different home screens to use one or the other.

Let’s see the mobile trading platform first, then we’ll take a look at the new web trading platform.

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Revolut trading platforms

Mobile trading platform

Revolut offers a great and user-friendly mobile trading platform, with Touch/Face ID login and good search functions. On the other hand, there is no two-step login. Their mobile trading platform was developed in-house. Similarly to other mobile-first services, Revolut offers a great interface catering mostly to the average user.



• User-friendly

• No two-step (safer) login

• Good search function

• Limited order types

• Touch/Face ID login




The Revolut platform is available in 24 languages:

























Look and feel

Revolut's mobile trading platform is user-friendly and well designed. You can familiarize yourself with the platform in just a few minutes.

Login and security

You can log into Revolut's platform by typing a four-digit passcode, or using TouchID on compatible devices.

Search functions

The platform's search functions are easy to use; simply begin to type an asset's name or ticker to view relevant hits.

One thing we missed was categorization. It would be great to be able to filter companies based on industry, market capitalization, price level, etc.

Placing orders

As of August 2020, new order types have been introduced, such as limit order, stop-loss and out-of-hours (also known as outside market hours) orders. Unfortunately, options are still very limited when it comes to order validity, as you cannot set good-till-cancel or good-till-date type of orders. 

Alerts and notifications

There is a price alert function on the Revolut mobile platform that notifies you whenever the price of an instrument surpasses or drops below a pre-set level. 

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Web trading platform

Revolut also has a Web platform, but only with the most basic functionalities:

  • Add money to your account
  • Check your bank statements and transactions
  • Check your cards
  • Trade stocks and crypto

It has the same language options as the mobile platform.

The platform itself is really limited at the moment, with only the core design elements and functionalities available. Search functions and order types are the same just as on the mobile platform but there are no price alerts on the web.

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Available products on Revolut

Revolut has a limited product portfolio, as you can only trade certain US stocks, cryptos, gold and silver. It lacks popular asset classes like mutual funds, bonds or options.

  Revolut Freetrade Robinhood
Stocks Yes Yes Yes
ETFs No Yes Yes
Forex No No No
Funds No No No
Bonds No No No
Options No No Yes
Futures No No No
CFDs No No No
Crypto Yes No Yes

Revolut's product portfolio is slimmer than that of Freetrade, as the latter also offers ETFs. Robinhood is doing even better on the product front, as it also allows you to trade options.

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You can trade more than 850 stocks listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges. Freetrade has a similar offer, the difference being that you can access the London Stock Exchange as well. Robinhood's offering is much wider.

  Revolut Freetrade Robinhood
Stock markets (#) 3 4 5
ETFs (#) - 660 2,300

Revolut has hinted at plans to also offer UK and European shares and plans to add ETFs too.
A great feature at Revolut is that you can buy fractional shares. Instead of buying a whole share, you can buy only a smaller fraction of it; a handy feature for stocks that cost several hundred dollars apiece.

If you are into instant IPO trading, you should consider a different broker. We checked two IPOs on the US markets, and they were available only after 2 weeks. This is not a bad thing considering Revolut is targeting beginner traders, it's just something worth being aware of.

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Revolut offers a large number of cryptos, e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar lumens and Litecoin. Revolut's crypto offering is much better than Robinhood's, while Freetrade doesn't offer cryptos at all. 

  Revolut Freetrade Robinhood
Cryptos (#) 53 - 7

Note that the FCA banned the sale of crypto-derivatives to UK retail consumers as of January 2021.
Starting from April 2020, Revolut extended the availability of cryptocurrencies to Standard accounts as well, in addition to Premium and Metal accounts. As of September 2020, Australian residents also have the opportunity to trade cryptos.

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Gold and precious metals

In March 2020, Revolut introduced gold trading for Premium and Metal Accounts. As of now, only Gold (XAU) and Silver (XAG) are supported on the platform, but Revolut plans to add more precious metals and commodities to their product selection.

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Favourites - Converter, Auto Exchanges

When you tap on the star symbol in the top right corner, you'll be greeted with the 'Favourites' page, in which you can create watchlists, alerts, converters and auto exchanges.

With 'Converter', you can simultaneously compare the value of multiple currencies. You can also set automatic exchanges between currencies with the 'Exchanges' feature.


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Research & Education at Revolut


Revolut offers live market data, but other research tools are either very basic or unavailable.



• User friendly

• Limited interactive charting

• Live market data

• No trading ideas


• Basic fundamental data available



Education is not a particularly strong suit of Revolut. They do offer some how-to videos on their Youtube channel, but these focus mainly on how to use the Revolut mobile app.



• None

• No demo account


• No trading platform tutorial videos


• No educational videos



Trading ideas

Revolut does not provide trading ideas.

Fundamental data

Revolut only offers basic fundamental data.


Revolut has poor charting tools. There are no technical indicators, and some other charting tools are also missing, such as a trendline editor. You can only use a basic chart and view some limited key information, such as changes in the stock price during the past week.

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Newsfeed, Watchlists

Thanks to constant updates, Revolut now has a watchlist and a newsfeed.

The newsfeed is available from both the overview trading page and under any product you choose. If you check the latter, it'll be filtered to show only what is relevant for the given product. News is provided by 3rd party news sites, like Zolmax, CNBC, Investing, and Yahoo.  

Under the Favourites tab (star symbol in the top right corner), you can create Watchlists. They are grouped by asset types - just tap on 'Add new'. 

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Author of this article

Márton Oláh

Author of this article

Márton Oláh, MSc has been a macro and value investor of stocks for 10 years on his own account. Since 2020 he has been trading options and volatility as well. Márton has founded a venture capital backed company and led it for 8 years before professionally turning to finance therefore is an expert in interpreting company reports.

Márton Oláh

Strategic Advisor

Márton Oláh, MSc has been a macro and value investor of stocks for 10 years on his own account. Since 2020 he has been trading options and volatility as well. Márton has founded a venture capital backed company and led it for 8 years before professionally turning to finance therefore is an expert in interpreting company reports.

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