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Revolut Cards review 2022

As every Revolut customer has different needs, there are different bank accounts - and different Revolut cards - to choose from.

In this article we cover:


The idea of Revolut  is rooted in the founders' desire to travel without financial constraints. Financially, there are plenty of boundaries when it comes to traveling - not just the sheer cost of it - but also the fact that it's expensive and inconvenient to exchange different currencies.

Revolut's primary aim is to provide easy and cheap currency conversion at the interbank exchange rate on weekdays - thus ensuring that its clients save money. The company also provides international money transfer services - free of charge or at favorable fees.

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Overview of Revolut cards

As of late 2021, Revolut offers the following 4 kinds of cards:

  • Standard - Free
  • Plus* - €2.99 / month
  • Premium - €7.99 / month
  • Metal - €13.99 / month
    (*Not available in the US)

Each account related to the different types of cards has different pricing and they all come with a monthly fee, except for the Standard account. 

What exactly are the differences? How good is Revolut's bank account? Is it easy to withdraw cash for free and make a bank transfer?

We detailed answers to all these questions in this article that covers every aspect of Revolut's accounts and cards.

For each Revolut account, you can create a virtual card. Even though the card exists only virtually, it has every attribute of a physical card. Alternatively, you can order a physical card. Usually, the first card is free for all accounts (Standard, Plus, Premium, Metal), but delivery fees may apply.

Revolut uses two card brands, Mastercard and Visa. When you order your physical card, you can't choose between the two, the app will automatically assign one or the other. 

To order a card, first choose an account, complete the account opening process preferably within the app. Once you opened your account, the app will navigate you to the card order window. Fill in your details, sit back and the card will be delivered to your door. You can track the delivery status within your app.

How to activate your Revolut card?

Activating your Revolut card is easy, it will be almost instantly activated virtually. Open the app, tap on 'Cards', and then on 'Activate card'. You have to enter your Revolut card number and the app will do the rest. 

Revolut card common features

With each Revolut account type (Free or Premium account) you can do the following:

  • Pay using your smartphone via Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Initiate contactless payments
  • Make free international transfers
  • Use  your debit card abroad
  • Exchange multiple currencies at favorable exchange rates on the weekdays
  • Block your card, change the PIN anytime
  • Receive instant payment notifications, budgeting, categorization
  • Pair a Revolut junior account to your card as a sub-account
  • EU: Withdrawal is free up to the limits of your plan
  • US: The withdrawal limit is $300 per month, a 2% fee applies for any amount above that


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Now let's see if the Free and Premium Accounts offer any extra card services. We'll talk about differences in withdrawing money, recurring payments, bank transfer speed, debit cards, as well as premium and metal accounts.


Free Revolut cards

Standard Revolut account

  • This is the basic account for all Revolut users by default - no monthly fee is charged for this service
  • You can't pick the color and the design of your card, you'll receive the standard purple-blue one
  • Withdrawal limit: 5 ATM withdrawals for a total of €200 (or the same amount in your local currency) per month


Premium Revolut cards

Plus* account

  • No extra card features, but there are account bonuses, like purchase protection, 90-day return window, and reimbursement
  • Withdrawal limit:  €200 per month in free ATM withdrawals
  • Coming soon: unique custom card designs that users can create

Premium account

  • You can use all the Plus account features
  • Custom Revolut metal cards in three different colors: dark grey, white, and rose
  • Withdrawal limit: €400 per month in free ATM withdrawals
  • Extra services include free airport lounge tickets for you  and one more person if the flight is delayed and faster money transfers

Metal account

  • You can use all the Premium features,
  • Some feature are expanded, for example, you can take 3 friends to an airport lounge to use VIP services, daily interests are higher, the purchase protection limit is higher
  • Metal debit cards in gold and black colors 
  • 1% cashback, on cryptos too
  • Withdrawal limit: €800 per month in free ATM withdrawals
  • Business account

Apart from Standard and Premium account holders, there is also a third category of accounts. It is called Revolut Business account. Other Revolut account holders can also choose this feature.

Basically, the Business account has all the features that customers like on the personal level when using Revolut Premium:

  • Low international wire transfer fees
  • Fixed futures FX rates
  • Physical and virtual cards
  • Spending permissions for a team
  • Automated expenses
  • App integrations, like Slack
  • Smart invoicing and API support

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How money transfers work on Revolut


It’s free to transfer money from your Revolut account to any other international bank with normal wire transfers, and transferring in the same currency is also free. However, there is a charge to use SWIFT.

To send a transfer, follow these steps:

  • Open the app
  • Choose the Payments menu in the middle
  • Tap 'Send'
  • Choose a fellow Revolut client or enter a bank account number after hitting 'NEW' at the top right corner

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Pros and cons of a Revolut account


  • Can top-up in and hold several currencies
  • Continuously expanded range of extra features (e.g. crypto trading, disposable virtual cards)
  • Premium subscription options with handy perks (e.g. travel insurance)


  • Customer accounts can be frozen temporarily due to security reasons
  • Poor customer support

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Author of this article

Márton Oláh

Author of this article

Márton has been a macro and value investor of stocks for more than 10 years on his own account. He has been trading options and volatility as well since 2020. Márton founded a venture capital-backed company and led it for 8 years before professionally turning to finance. He is an expert in interpreting company reports.

Márton Oláh

Strategic Advisor

Márton has been a macro and value investor of stocks for more than 10 years on his own account. He has been trading options and volatility as well since 2020. Márton founded a venture capital-backed company and led it for 8 years before professionally turning to finance. He is an expert in interpreting company reports.

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