What is Pepperstone's cTrader? A third-party trading platform like MetaTrader

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cTrader is a third-party trading platform, just like MetaTrader 4. It is available to anyone with a Pepperstone Standard, Razor or Managed account. It is aimed to replicate an institutional trading environment while ensuring that the trading experinece is customizable to specific trader needs.

Some might find it more intuitive than MetaTrader 4. It also has some unique features, like

  • Advanced risk management functionalities

  • API and C# coding support

  • More customizability

  • The ability to control order fills

  • A great selection of indicators

  • Educational videos within the platform

The platform has a Webtrader, a desktop platform (for Windows only), and an iOS and Android app

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Is cTrader better than MT4?

MetaTrader 4 and cTrader share plenty of similarities. Both specialize in forex trading and are highly customizable, with lots of indicators and charting tools at your disposal. However, cTrader is based on C#, a popular programming language. Also, cTrader's design is better than MetaTrader's - it is cleaner, more modern and sophisticated.

Why is it important that cTrader is based on C#? cTrader has an alternative platform called cTrader Automate. With the proper knowledge, this platform lets you create trading robots and algorithms, that execute your trading needs based on your set preferences.

How do you use Pepperstone cTrader?

What's Pepperstone's cTrader? - Overview of the cTrader web platform

To use cTrader on Pepperstone, first, you have to create a cTrader ID:

  1. Go to the Secure Client Area by logging in to your Pepperstone account

  2. On the left-hand side, search for 'Platforms', then click on cTrader at the top

  3. Click on the cTrader platform of your choice

  4. You will see a login page where you can create a cTrader ID with an email address and password of your choice. It should only take a couple of minutes

  5. After your cTrader ID is created, you'll be redirected to the cTrader platform

After you created your cTrader ID, here are the most important things to know about the cTrader platform:

  • cTrader has a basic setup, but you can change it anytime

  • There are 4 main features on the left-hand side:

    • Trade - here you can browse the available products on the platform

    • Copy - lets you choose a trader you want to copy

    • Automate - will let you use algorithms to automate your trading

    • Analyze - summarizes your historical progress

  • For now, let's stick with the 'Trade' feature. The setup shares lots of similarities with MetaTrader's basic UI

    • The toolbar at the top lets you select your workspaces, reorganize the current workspace, provides the necessary charting tools and time horizons

    • Under the charts, you'll see your active positions, pending orders, history and transactions

    • On the right, you'll see a big UI element. Here, you can switch views between your chosen symbol, depth of market, economic calendar, autochartist, and economic news

      • Depth of market (DoM) might be the lesser-known feature. It works like a trading ladder - it shows the distribution of sellers and buyers at different price points

      • Autochartist is an automated solution that analyzes and shows chart patterns

    • Located between the charts and the UI element on the right side, you'll find a narrow menu with all the drawing tools you need to analyze the symbol of your choice


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