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Can you connect Oanda to TradingView?

Yes, you can connect your Oanda account to TradingView as of October 2023, allowing you to make trades directly from TradingView. To learn some valuable insights, read more below about our first-hand experience on how we did it.

My key findings in a nutshell
Adam Nasli
Financial Wizard | Trading • Safety • Market Analysis

I've thoroughly tested Oanda services with our analyst team by opening a real-money account and these are my most important findings:

  • You can connect TradingView, a popular advanced charting platform, to Oanda in a few easy steps.
  • The connection has to be initiated from your TradingView account.
  • With a TradingView connection you can place orders in few simple steps.
  • Not all the symbols that you see on TradingView can be traded on Oanda, which may be a bit confusing.
Connecting TradingView to Oanda as seen on desktop of BrokerChooser's reviewer in October 2023

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What is TradingView?

TradingView is a widely used online platform that provides advanced tools and superb charting for traders and investors. It is known for its user-friendly interface, extensive charting, and real-time data on stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities. Almost all financial assets are available on the platform.

Users can create interactive charts with various indicators and tools, customizing their trading experience. It also provides additional decision-making tools, such as screeners for stocks, forex and crypto, heat maps and more.

From novice to seasoned traders, everyone will find TradingView’s versatile platform useful. Additionally, its collaborative platform allows users to share analyses and ideas with a large community of over 50 million traders, offering access to experienced traders' strategies and real-time discussions through video streams and chat rooms. TradingView is accessible through a web browser and also offers mobile applications.

Why should I connect my broker to TradingView?

The benefit of using TradingView to trade on your various brokerage accounts is that you can use the same user-friendly, advanced charting platform for all brokers, without having to familiarize yourself with all the different trading platforms at the different brokers. You can make trades directly from the TradingView chart, without having to go to your broker's platform. You can also see your previous trading activity and account details at the broker in TradingView.

Check below whether these other forex brokers can be connected to TradingView:

How to connect your Oanda account to TradingView

Here at BrokerChooser we review a lot of quality, trustworthy brokers (more than 100!), all of them by opening accounts with real money. So we have first-hand experience with a Oanda account as well.

In order to help you out, we went through the process of connecting our account to TradingView. You can see on the image at the top of the article what the broker connection interface looks like in TradingView. Here are the basic steps you need to go through to set up a connection:

  1. In order to connect your brokerage account, you will first need to open a TradingView account. This is free of charge.
  2. Once you have a TradingView account, you are ready to connect the two.
  3. For the smoothest experience, log in to both your brokerage and TradingView accounts separately.
  4. In TradingView, open a Trading Panel, find Oanda in the list at the bottom of the screen and connect. If you have not logged in to your brokerage account, you will be taken to the broker’s sign-in page and prompted to log in.
  5. Done! If all went well, you should see Oanda’s name below the chart with a green dot next to it, showing that the connection is live. Below, you will also see the broker logo and your Oanda account and trading information (balance, margin, etc.)

Our personal experience:

  • To connect to Oanda you need to click “See all brokers” below the top brokers list on the Trading Panel, as it is not visible on the first page.
  • The warning message at Oanda is different than at other brokers: you need to tick more boxes acknowledging that you have reviewed the necessay legal documents.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Some brokers will require you to fund your trading account before enabling the connection with TradingView.
  • You cannot log in to multiple broker accounts at the same time, only one connection at a time. This is not made very clear, as you will not get a message about having been disconnected. The way we found out was that when you log in to another broker, and then try to switch back to the previous one, you need to log in again.

Check Oanda’s website for more specific information on connecting your brokerage and TradingView accounts.

How to trade on your Oanda account using TradingView

Once the connection between Oanda and TradingView is all set up, you are ready to start trading. Let’s see how that goes:

  • After you connect your brokerage account, you are taken back to the Trading Panel within TradingView.
  • Now you can also see your open positions and other account information at Oanda.
  • To place an order you need to simply search for the ticker in TradingView as you normally would.
  • Below the chart you’ll see a ‘Trade’ button; if you click on that, an order panel will open on the right side on desktop.
  • Initiate a trade by filling the order panel and clicking the Buy/Sell button.

How to disconnect your Oanda account from TradingView

If you don’t want your brokerage account connected to TradingView anymore, or want to connect TradingView to another broker account, you will need to end the connection. This is how to disconnect:

  • Click on the Oanda name below the chart; from the drop-down menu, select “log out Oanda” which you will see in red at the bottom.
  • We were a bit surprised that there is no confirmation message about the disconnection, but if below the chart you don’t see the Oanda name with a green dot next to it, that means you are no longer connected.
  • With one broker disconnected, you can now connect to another brokerage account.

Check out this short video for a behind-the-scenes peek into how our experts personally test and evaluate brokers.

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Financial Wizard | Trading • Safety • Market Analysis

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