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Overview of Interactive Brokers fees and charges

When trading or investing at an online broker, fees can have a big impact on your results, so it's good to know what kind of charges you'll be facing and how these compare to fees at other brokers.

If fees are your top concern, Interactive Brokers is a good choice, as it has low fees in general. Check our toplist for cheaper brokers.

I found Interactive Brokers's trading fees fairly low
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I've personally tested dozens of global brokers, carefully looking at their fees not just on their website but also in the course of live trading. Here's how Interactive Brokers fared:

  • Interactive Brokers charges low fees for trading stocks and ETFs.
  • There is no inactivity fee even if you leave your account idle for a long time.
  • The basic withdrawal fee is $0, but some transactions may cost more.
  • Read our full review of Interactive Brokers for info on safety, trading platforms and funding.
Interactive Brokers fees at a glance
Assets Fee level Fee terms
US stock fee Low Fixed pricing: $0.005 per share, min. $1, max. 1% of trade value. Free for US clients choosing IBKR Lite plan.
EURUSD fee Low Trade value less than $1 billion: 0.2 bps * trade value; min. $2
US tech fund fee Average $14.95 per transaction or 3% of trade value, whichever is lower. There are also more than 19,000 funds with no transaction fee
Inactivity fee Low No inactivity fee

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Plans matter: Lite for free US stocks, Pro for active trading

US clients can choose the IBKR Lite plan. With this service plan, they can trade US-listed stocks and ETFs commission-free. However, there are some trade-offs, such as less favorable order routing, lower interest on cash and higher margin rates.

Clients from any country can opt for IBKR Pro, which comes with 2 pricing plans.

  • The fixed-rate price plan typically charges a fixed rate per contract or share. This charge covers all commissions and exchange fees.
  • The tiered price plan charges fees based on your monthly trading volume. The more you trade, the lower the commissions are. However, exchange, regulatory and clearing fees may be charged additionally.

We tested the fixed-rate plan.

IBKR Lite vs IBKR Pro

In the table below we summarized some of the main differences between the IBKR Lite and IBKR Pro plans for US clients.

IBKR Lite vs. IBKR Pro plan comparison
Target groupLess active tradersActive traders and sophisticated investors
US stocks/ETFsCommission-freeFixed or tiered pricing
Order routingPFOF* (benefits broker)SMART (best price for client)
Interest paid on cashBenchmark -1.5%Benchmark - 0.5%
Margin rateBenchmark +2.5%Benchmark +1.5%
Trading platformSimplified trading via platformsFull suite of premier trading technology

*Payment for order flow: brokers are compensated by market makers for selling customer order flow

Low stock and ETF commission

For IBKR Pro clients, SMART routing continually scans competing markets and automatically routes orders directly to the best available market based on price while also taking into account factors such as the availability of automatic order execution.

Interactive Brokers stock and ETF fees by market
UK stock
US stock
German stock
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Stock Fee Calculator

Confused about fees? Use this tool to see what the commission fee of a specific stock trade would be at Interactive Brokers. To check and compare fees at other brokers, go to our main Fee calculator page.

Before doing so, check out our Privacy Policy and our General Terms and Conditions.

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Low margin rates

Interactive Brokers's margin rates are one of the best in the industry for IBKR Pro customers. However, if you choose the IBKR Lite plan, you'll be charged a higher annual rate – for example, the markup is 2.5% for IBKR Lite under $100k, while it's 1.5% in the case of IBKR Pro.

Interactive Brokers annual margin rates
USD margin rate
GBP margin rate
EUR margin rate
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Low options commission

Interactive Brokers stock index options commission
US stock index options
UK stock index options
German stock index options
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No inactivity fee, no withdrawal fee

Interactive Brokers does not have a monthly inactivity fee, and it doesn't charge an account or deposit fee, either. The first withdrawal each month is free of charge while subsequent withdrawals carry a fee (e.g. $10 in case of USD withdrawal).

Inactivity fee
Withdrawal fee
Interactive Brokers
Interactive Brokers inactivity, withdrawal and other fees
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Interactive Brokers fees

Other commissions and fees

You can find Interactive Brokers's fees for other asset classes below. Click 'Show more' for details.

Average mutual fund commission

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Low futures fees

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Average FX fees

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Low spot crypto fees

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Low bond commission

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Average CFD fees

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Interest on cash balances

Interactive Brokers offers attractive interest rates on the uninvested cash balances of clients. As an example, the rate (as of January 24, 2024) is 4.83% for USD for international IBKR Pro clients.

Exact rates differ by the country of the client, currency and by the total value of a client's assets, as well as whether the client has an IBKR Lite or IBKR Pro account. To be eligible, accounts must have more than $10,000 cash in the account.

No interest is paid on the first $10,000. Above that, interest is paid proportionally: to get the maximum interest, you need an account value of $100,000.

See the table below for interest rates for some selected currencies, or check out IB's interest rates page for the latest rates and more details.

Interactive Brokers maximum interest rates for idle cash (as of January 24, 2024)
Currency IBKR Pro IBKR Lite
USD 4.83% 3.83%
EUR 3.41% 2.41%
GBP 4.69% 3.69%
CAD 4.47% 3.47%
HUF 7.62% 6.62%

*No interest paid for the first $10,000 (or equivalent)

Asset management service

Interactive Brokers provides an asset management service called Interactive Advisors. It is a mix of mutual funds and a robo-advisor. It may be suitable for you if you don't want to manage your investments on your own or just need a bit more confidence in investing.
Besides the usual brokerage commissions, there is an annual management fee ranging from 0.08% to 0.75%, depending on the amount you invest. The required minimum investment amount is $100.

There are two ways to invest with Interactive Advisors:

  1. Answer a couple of questions, based on which Interactive Advisors will compile a portfolio that is automatically rebalanced from time to time.
  2. Choose from among several pre-set portfolios managed by professional portfolio managers.

Check out this short video for a behind-the-scenes peek into how our experts personally test and evaluate brokers.

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