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IC Markets is not a scam

Signing up with a fraudulent broker can easily result in you losing your money. The monetary loss can set back your investment plans by years.

You can rest assured, IC Markets is considered reliable as it is regulated by the top-tier ASIC in Australia.

Top reasons why IC Markets is a safe and reliable choice
Adam Nasli
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I have personally tested dozens of brokers and helped people who have fallen victim to fraudulent brokers. Our team tracks 30,000+ brokers globally with a special focus on their safety profile. Here are the key reasons I consider IC Markets a safe option:

  • IC Markets is regulated by at least one top-tier regulator.
  • We thoroughly tested the services of IC Markets.
  • IC Markets’s clients most likely have access to investor protection.
  • IC Markets has a strong track record in the industry.
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70.64% of retail CFD accounts lose money

IC Markets is regulated by at least one top-tier regulator

Brokers overseen by top-tier regulators are legally required to meet very strict rules designed to protect their clients’ money. Non-compliance with these rules typically results in the loss of their license to operate. Brokers overseen by top-tier regulators are seldom - if ever - scams.

They must keep clients’ money segregated from their operational funds, offer fair fees and prices as well as provide transparent trade execution. Top-tier oversight curbs fraud and manipulation through regular audits, licensing requirements, and steep penalties for violations.

We compiled a list of all the regulators that supervise IC Markets:

  • EEA clients, excluding Belgium, Switzerland, Latvia - Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • All clients, except Australians - Seychelles Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA)
  • Australia - Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

We thoroughly tested the services of IC Markets

We tested every aspect of IC Markets’s services using a combination of automated analysis and manual verification with real money. We conducted real trades on the broker’s trading platforms, deposited and withdrew money, and contacted customer service through all available channels. Check out our findings and assessments in the full review of IC Markets.

We put special emphasis on the safety profile of the brokers we evaluate and analyze 33 safety related data points at each. Our team maintains a comprehensive database with over 32,000 brokers and collects detailed information on each to identify legitimate businesses versus fraudulent operations.

This database powers our unique Scam Broker Shield tool that allows users to instantly verify a broker's trustworthiness. Simply enter the broker's name into the search bar to check their legitimacy.

We regularly investigate user reports of scam brokers and if we confirm the broker is fraudulent, we update our records.

IC Markets’s clients most likely have access to investor protection

As a client of IC Markets you will have access to the investor protection program provided in the country where the broker operates.

These programs provide compensation to clients in the event a broker becomes insolvent and is unable to return investments. Check out the following table to see the investor protection amounts that you have access if you sign up with IC Markets.

IC Markets investor protection
Investor protection amount: €20k to EU clients and $0 to others

IC Markets has a strong track record in the industry

In addition to regulatory oversight and investor protection, the length and spotlessness of a broker’s track record are also key indicators as to its safety.

IC Markets is a reliable industry player that has not been involved in any major scandals.

Having been on the market for a long time or being listed on an exchange are also signs that the broker is a legit entity.

Check out some additional safety features of IC Markets in the table below:

IC Markets snapshot
🌎 Country of origin Australia
📅 Foundation date 2,007
🏛 Banking background No
📈 Listed on exchange No
🗺️ Broker ownership is transparent No
👔 Broker management is transparent No
🔒 Negative balance protection is provided Yes
📋 Read more Check out the IC Markets review for 2024

Data updated on June 12, 2024

Warning: Be alert to cloned websites impersonating trusted brokers such as IC Markets. These fraudulent sites bear a strong resemblance to the legitimate broker's web page but they are scams. Avoid using links from forums or unverified sources and double-check the URL before making any deposits. To be on the safe side, use this link to IC Markets, which was tested and verified by BrokerChooser.

Check out this short video for a behind-the-scenes peek into how our experts personally test and evaluate brokers.

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