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What is the minimum account balance at Freetrade?

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Minimum account balance and deposit at Freetrade as of June 2024

This article discusses what the minimum account balance (if required) and the minimum deposit (if required) at Freetrade stand for. Find out in which cases you must have a minimum balance at Freetrade.

Have you ever accidentally mixed up the minimum account balance with the minimum deposit? Rest assured, you’re not the only one. To prevent any confusion, we'll tell you what they are and how they differ from each other.

Freetrade does not offer margin or derivative trading: you can't trade stocks/ETFs on margin and derivative products, such as futures or options, are also unavailable. In this case, no minimum account balance is required and you can start using the Freetrade platform without having a minimum deposit in your account.

The minimum deposit is the minimum amount required for opening an online brokerage account. While some brokers do not require a minimum deposit, others do. The minimum deposit requirement means that you will need to transfer this amount to your brokerage account from your bank account in order to start trading. You can check the minimum deposit at Freetrade here.
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Minimum account balance for stock/ETF margin trading

When trading stocks and ETFs on margin, the broker itself determines the minimum account balance you must always maintain in your Freetrade margin account.

Minimum account balance for derivative products

Freetrade offers derivative products to its clients:

Minimum amount to open an account at Freetrade

Good news: the minimum deposit to open a Freetrade account is $0. There are brokers that require as much as a couple of thousand dollars. You can check in the table below what is the minimum deposit at the competitors of Freetrade.

Minimum amount to open an account at Freetrade vs its competitors
Minimum deposit

Data updated on June 17, 2024

Bottom line

Now you know what the minimum deposit and the minimum balance are at Freetrade and you understand the difference between the two. If you want to dig deeper, read our article on margin calls and short selling.

The minimum deposit is the minimum amount required to open a new online broker account.

The minimum account balance is not relevant at Freetrade as it doesn't provide stock/ETF margin trading or derivative products.

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